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This is their logo, everyone can edit it! Just like ED.
A poor victim, upon reading an article.
This is one of Inciclopedia's notable pictures. I didn't smile either.

Inciclopedia is the Spanish language version of Uncyclopedia. It's a complete and utter failure of a site, because Spanish is only spoken by faggots and mexiniggers.

Since the articles are so damn long, they will undoubtedly bore you to death. In fact, the sysops encourage you to write relentlessly; you may create the most perfect article, so to speak, but the faggot sysops will always bring invented pretexts hinting at standards, so it'll be immediately assraped.

Actually, Inciclopedia is so boring it doesn't inspire you to vandalize it. It kills any stimulation of the mind or emotions. Only the truly depraved or the jobless would do it. So go for it and profit.

At some point in 2008, Inciclopedia was in a net-war with Wikipediars, a kind of ED humor-styled Wikipedia from Chile. They hate each other but they are both crap. No one cared, obviously.

Magnificent Features

  • Jokes that only a gay would understood on every article.
  • Lack of visible talent in sysops' jokes on all articles.
  • Shit that only sysops understand on all articles.
  • Personal or nationalist vendettas by sysops (personal frustration retaliations) in all articles.
  • Only-Spanish accent in all articles by sysops insistence-oppression.
  • Slavery to the users by the sysops.
  • A significant ammount of other Uncyclopedias copypastas.
  • Few importance by the sysops to the wiki in general; only they don't care to use the wiki as your personal manipulation machine, why avoid squabbling among themselves.
  • Hawks to serve the sysops in [] (supposed Spanish language version).
  • Personal attacks to the readers on all articles.
  • Sysops hatred to the simple use of strikethrough text with <s> or <del> or to simple lists (like this).
  • All unique funny content comes from new users who never become sysops.
  • Older editions disappearance in Revision histories.

Who created this crap??

Inciclopedia is the epitome of unfunny, just like actually Uncyclopedia. Actually, it's epically shitty. No, wait. It's scrumtrulescently fucked. Inciclopedians know it and try to justify the damn thing with templates like "This article has a lot of humor only understood by usual readers of Inciclopedia..." When you see something like that in a parody site, you know that there is real trouble and that you should be doing something more constructive.

But the big question remains: Who created Inciclopedia?

Interestingly enough, everyone knows spics and niggers don't have internets.

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