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Original Incomplete Guy

Incomplete Guy was created on 07/18/09 at the well known image board 4chan in the random board section otherwise known as the infamous /b/. The entire retardedness of the picture to be edited was overwhelming. An armless legless figure with a frown upon his brow was the picture presented to the many tards that inhabit /b/ little did anyone know about the shop-storm that was about to hit.

Incomplete guy is useful for a number of things, he can be exploited to credit something with total and complete utter fail or alternatively used to point out things you would like and don't have, like pussy.

New Meme Created

Pic or it didn't happen

The content OP uploaded may not have been the most original but it was so easy to try and create something funny from the amazing image. A retarded mutated Chernobyl baby could have meant epic lulz. What followed was a tidal wave of edited pics containing the face from the original 13kb .png image. No matter how many people claimed it was the cancer killing /b/ and claimed it was not OC it managed to get archived so it can be left and forgotton about over time. The oldfags had a bit of a bitch but it was generally agreed that the thread was epic bread and not copy pasta failness like the rest of /b/ so Incomplete Guy became a new meme that newfags and trollfags alike can repost and repost until everyone is sick of it and move onto something else

How to be Original

How to be original is an ability that the people of the internet lack. Here is a guide to being original to help you on your way to creating a better Incomplete Guy than everyone else.

  • Don't take someone elses idea and copy paste it, chances are if you liked it and copy pasta everyone else will be doing the same.
  • Everything is the cancer get over it and either join in or go away. Hurr Durr this is the cancer is more unoriginal and pointless than the thread itself.
  • Incomplete guy opens himself to making otherwise fail memes like milhouse actually a little better so to use incomplete guy in another meme can hold its merits just be a little original about it
  • If your idea is lame don't post it, no one will care. I don't care, you won't care, the woman over there won't care, the janitor won't care, your cat won't care either just don't post it that goes for anything.
  • Memes are selected not forced, forcing memes is lame and if you have to force it its probably not funny. Therefore Incomplete Guy is a product of natural selection and therefore better than you.


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