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Indymedia is constantly being censored by evil fat white men in suits. Many Indymedia users are neither evil nor do they wear suits.

Indymedia is old media written by leftards and anarchists.

Indymedia rose out of the tear-gas and property destruction of the WTO meeting of 1999. It should have been called hippymedia because it's way too left to be considered independent. Armed with... um... the internet, they helped to create an alternative media network that threatens to take down the mainstream media and replace it with a more equitable system of sharing the news created by the... blah blah blah. They haven't done much since then.

Slightly less credible than CNN, more so than Fox.

People hack Indymedia for fun. And they do that because it IS fun. Barrels, really. Hacking Indymedia is so fun, people who run Indymedia sites hack them on lunch break from working at Indymedia. This has much to do with the fact that Indymedia doesn't really do much. Some people join a local indymedia, make friends with them and them go hack them the next day. This is known as hackstabbing.

Parkingstones still writes occasionally for Indymedia, but finds that it's a bureaucratic hellhole that creates loads of drama, but very few lulz. Can you imagine? Drama with no lulz? It's true.

This is the only "news" website to have its servers turned over to the police for whatever reason regularly. Not only that, they are also the only "news" website to KNOW they are going to have their servers turned over to the police regularly for whatever reason and STILL keep detailed web server logs in sweet sweet plain text. Because of this, they will probably end up being gangraped by the legal system (as opposed to being gangraped by hippies as it is usually).

Hepkitten gives it A+

Anonymous steps in

Drama but no lulz? That's unpossible! Anonymous quickly eventually got around to putting that right - at least until the mods eventually obliterate, er, I mean hide, the offending, by which I mean highly amusing article.

What Indymedia Does

Current Indymedia articles concern giving a Vegan diet to a hippie that committed arson in a genetics laboratory. And possibly attempting to free her instead of letting her do her time.

How to Troll Indymedia sites and forums

The vast majority of people that run the Indy Media sites in the Left Coast of the United States vacillate between ultra left wing Marxist ideology (Derek Jensen, Gnome Chomsky, and Amy Goodman of Democracy Now) and somekind of direct action ethical anarchist philosophy (John Zerzan, the Unibomber and Daniel Quinn). Just read the posts on the sites., follow the current issues and see which side is dominating the other. Pick that side. Sock puppet if you have to. If you don't post something a liberal whiner will consider hate speech too soon, they'll publish your posts with the discussions never ever ending ever.

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