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Inesthelostangel = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

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InesTheLostAngel also known as Ines is a 15-year-old attention whore with GOTIS that craves the metal dick of Foxy from Five Nights at Freddy's inside their asshole so bad they're willing to erotic role play with their brainless 12-year-old asspie watchers to satisfy it. She ships herself with a robotic furry with a dead child inside, but don't disagree with her or else she'll switch to depression mood and say depressing things like she'll kill herself whenever anything doesn't go her way. She can't take the fact that people disagree with her ships so she throws an autistic fit and draws Foxy having crippling depression over her having some kind of abortion. Nonetheless, it's fun to watch her act like a child.

A Neverending Thirst for Attention

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Claiming to be raped, but she was only "raped in her dreams".

Here we have the manipulative emotionally unstable gal who is utterly inlove with herself Also known as Inesthelostangel

She’s most popular on dA for her fnaf and is well known for her constant lady erection for a robotic fox as she write exotic fan fictions for. She’s also well known for her attention whoring ways and how twisted her panties get if someone pokes back after she shoots them with tit lazer beams for saying something that goes against one of her points in the slightest.

Rest in peace, common sense. Because all that makes the tiniest bit of sense Ines will allah akbar it with her opinion as if it was fact.

If you were wondering where people got the idea where she acts like a depressing attention whore, you can go see her DeviantART journals and comments for yourself. She uses serious actions such as suicide as a attention grabbing subject so people can pay attention or instant feed her pay in which she’s proven to crave, actually not only crave but what most of what her account runs on. She’s fine with having her fans and possibly close friends worry for her even though most of the reasons she describes were either over exaggerated from what really happened or simply throwing the blame on to a person she dislikes even though the people want nothing to do with her and left her. 

One of her plans for attention is claiming to be "raped". But the thing is, she never clarified that the “rape” was only in her dreams instead of a real thing that has actually happened. Although she only admits in either the last sentence or in one or two replies, of course she never left a journal explaining what really went down and how nothing was actually done to her, she manipulated a nightmare to make it seem like a bigger deal then it should’ve been. The reason why this is a issue is because of how sensitive the topic and how she released it knowing how big her following was and how little clarification there was.

She over exaggerates making these small things seem like very serious things to be worried about but at the same time flips when she finds out someone from school or her mother finds out??

Hmmm…..If you’re openly calling for help or putting things about very serious topics, why get mad when someone actually does something about it. That is- if you were over exaggerating it like I have mentioned earlier.


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It's normal for her to see herself act this immature. In fact, she has put up countless journals and activity posts basically shit talking people who have “abandoned her” aka left because she treated them poorly. She tells her audience about “how much pride they have and how they’re too full of pride to come back to her.” Of course these posts are ridiculously ironic considering she’s too prideful to even let someone go so she grasps for any kind of blame she can throw at them to make her feel better about herself.

Believe it or not there's no chance she will change. She’s proven this countless times, and a lot of them were with her messy wrecks of a story putting in her past friends and lovers as if they were puppets to some kind of anime. Not to mention... these were the people who left her months ago, so it really shows just how much of a creep she is.

In fact most of her days she just spews dirt at her ex-boyfriends if she gets hate accounts/articles without any actual proof or writes a shitty sob story about her ex-girlfriends who hasn’t spoken to her in almost a year. In the description it even says her ex blocked her, and you write about her in the story as if she misses you? I think there's a reason she blocked you, gee maybe she wants nothing to do with you. It's pretty sad I'm not gonna lie. In these shitty fan fictions she writes about all the people who left her or even confronted her about her actions, portraying them as the bad guy or people who simply misunderstood. Her defense is that she can post whatever she wants even if it's writing stories praising herself like a tragic hero including real people without their permission, and yet people can't write articles on her or else she'll call the police? Boo fucking hoo. As you can see there's a difference between calling people out on their bullshit, and writting these shitty stories about people who've moved on and don't want to deal with you at all.

Death Threats In this lovely photo, our InesTheLost"Angel" talks about how she cut off her ex's (who's deviantart account is now deactivated, probably due to Ines' white knights witch hunting him.) and cutting off her ex's girlfriend's hair, breasts, and putting a knife in her head. (Account also deactivated.) In this photo she also talks about killing her self because her exs broke up with her, which has also happened to her other exs. Ines is clearly troubled. She does have a mental illness, but not the kind she claims to have. It's more likely something that makes it harder for her to talk things out or make amends with people. This is no reason to treat her differently though, she starts shit with people and expects sympathy. InesTheLostSuccubus more like it.

It’s truly sad how delusional she is, she blames anything she can and when she does apologizes (which rarely ever happens) she will bash the person for not forgiving her and prove their point on why they shouldn’t trust her or bring her back into their lives. Countless exes and friends have left her and all she does after is either blame them or sit and cry to her computer to her supporters to have only heard her side of the story and are there for her and the false information that she feeds them.

So thank god for this article written by most of her past friends who know who she truly is on the inside.

I guess karma can be a bitch, no? ;)

People refuse to take her seriously so they make joke accounts to mock her behavior. She calls it "harassment" and threatens to contact the police. Of course police do not work like that, they won’t drop everything and run to come to your aid because of a stupid joke account, although I think they’re pointless you make the situation worse then it is by feeding the troll and throwing your watchers to go attack them or you just spam your account with journals quote on quote ‘roasting’ them or cry about leaving dA because a account. “a joke account”. 

I’m sorry but if it’s that easy to make you go into a fit and leave and ‘quit your dreams’ like you tell your watchers, then maybe you shouldn’t be online in the first place. Just saying.

It's funny she calls that harassment and acts like a poor helpless victim but she’s clearly forgotten about all the bullying and slander she’s thrown into her profile at all the people who she said were her ‘friends’. And that’s only when she’s angry with them about some silly argument. So it’s clear as day why everyone left her and blocked her.

In one of her journals she does admit that she’s abused and harassed her friends, but follows it by saying she has this ‘voice inside her that tells her to do it’.

Listen Ines. I’m not going to say you don’t have that problem because I don’t know for sure, I’m no doctor. But never the less, you shouldn’t hide behind a mental illness to hide behind all the things you’ve done. And if you’re so aware that your friends have been treated poorly, and you’re aware of your mental illness, why do you just continue to throw bad tasting posts about them instead of realizing and accepting that they left for a reason and have every right to. But you don’t do that. It’s been months since all of your old friends blocked you and deleted you from their lives because you’re too scared to not play victim. Move on.

The conclusion is, threaten all your 'big mean bullies' all you want, but in the end of the day crying about calling the cops or spamming even more death threats won't help you. It just makes you become nothing but a laughing stock. You think and act you're some big and powerful goddess when you're nothing but some joke to everyone else ;)

Crippling Depression

So as you know now, our sweet little angel is depressed because she can't move on after her last ex decided to break up. After their break up session, they were still friends. But right after that, her ex blocked her everywhere on social media to move on. She hoped that our little sweet angel will move on too, but you saw what happened right? Our sweet angel's friends tried to support her with moving on, but what did she do? She's being a douche to them and blocked them too. It took a while for her to realize what she has done as she ranted about them on DeviantART how much she hated people who are in contact with her ex. Meanwhile, she is writing stories about her being a terrorist (InesTheLostIsis amiright?) etc. Guess who are featured in? Exactly, she put people in without asking permission! She even put her ex in it.. Ines, sweetheart. If you're reading this, deal with the shit that's going on now. Your ex left you for a good reason and yet, you keep ranting about people who are in contact with her and how much you miss her. Just stop, oke? Just stop! None needs to know this shit. None! Your friends have tried to support you but then your like "Move on? MOVE ON? I CAN'T MOVE ON!" even your watchers supported you! Oh I get it! You don't yell at your watchers for supporting you because you 'care' about them. But when your friends tries to support you with moving on, You're being a dickhead to them! Let me tell you.. Friends are more important than watchers. Just deal with it...


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