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InkLink is a shockwave game that, in the spirit of Web 2.0, allows internet strangers to play a huge ripoff of Pictionary. Rather than having lulz at peoples' bad drawings, most lusers are there for point whoring and spell out the word for their "friends". InkLink's one redeeming quality, however, is that the people playing it are some of the most guillable and trollable internets users out there.

Before playing, remember to register an account with shockwave as guests cannot boot :(.

Types of InkLink players

InkLink's miniature Internet court, complete with a jury of your queers

There are four types of InkLink players: Trolls, Hardcore InkLink players, stupid kids, and pedophiles.


The few people who realize how stupid and boring the game is. They take it out on the hardcore InkLink players.

Hardcore InkLink players

And some girl still knew the answer was soda.

These people are well known basement dwellers. They are virgins but they'll give it up easy.

Stupid kids

Their only purpose in the rooms on InkLink is to be prey to pedophiles. It's part of the "InkLink food chain".


Old men and fat chicks who go on InkLink to cyber with young boys and girls. They love buttsex and they easily succeed in meeting and raping the stupid kids who play this game.

How to troll

OMG why r u guyz booting me?!?!?

InkLink is very fun and easy to troll. Here are a few ways you can have fun:

  • Call people gay and other such immature comments.
  • When it's your turn to draw, draw a dong, or perhaps a pair of tits. Or both!
  • Pretend to cyber with a guy and then come out with "HAHA i'm a guy!". This brings many lulz as you laugh at the embarrassment of the fag.
  • Get someone's AIM, Myspace or whatever in a whisper and then announce it to the room
  • Boot the nicest people, or anyone with at least two boots. Then shout "Boot him! Boot him!"
  • Insult the fine works of art drawn by others.


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