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The Spanish Inquisition was a Jew pwning exercise perpetrated at least 100 years ago, probably in Spain as "Spain" appears to be in the title. Like the Holocaust it was aimed at killing Jews, but unlike the Holocaust, it really happened.

Spanish Inquisition: The Musical!

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Using The Spanish Inquisition!!!

Butthurt forum member: Geez I was only stating my opinion I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition!!

Proper response:

Videos of People Not Expecting It

The Inquisition also rapes

A Historic perspective to learn from

People comparing the Holocaust with the Inquisition are overlooking the most important fact that Jews only make up a negligible percentage of the Semitic World thus rendering the "Final Solution" neither Final nor a Solution if only the Kikes were dealt with. The Holy Office on the other hand differentiated from its industrial counterpart in two ways: On the one hand it treated both Arabs and Jews as the same Brownish Mongrels that had to be purged out of White Christian Yurop. On the other hand, the Holy Office was an ecclesiastical tribunal that abided by due process through a legitimate inquisitorial system still in use these days. The fair and due process consisted of imprisoning the detainee providing him or her with a lawyer, a priest, material to prepare his or her case, and enough time to consider joining the true flock and achieving not only Freedom but also Salvation. In due time the detainee would face his or her compassionate judges and be faced with the straightforward alternative of "reconciling" with the Church and becoming White, or not doing so and being "relaxed" in the bonfire. In Contrast to the well institutionalized Tribunals of the Inquisition who condemned to death only those stubborn enough not to repent, most of the torture and all the witch-burning of the time occured in Protestant countries in the form of peasant revolts led by Lutherans high on Ergot disease, like the one in Salem, Ma but to the Max. People have been induced to believe the Holy Office was to blame for the Religious Atrocities of the Renaissance but only because the Protestants had The Print to spread anti-papist lies. Who began the 30 years war, huh?

If there's anything to object to the Inquisition is the fact that it was indeed too compassionate allowing millions of sneaky Jews and Arabs to fake-convert and turn Iberia into the Mongrel shithole of bad techno music it is today.

The Goa Inquisition

The most violent form of Inquisition, and the only one of the three tribunals that to this day continues to perpetrate abominable crimes against humanity is the Goa Inquisition. Unlike the Spanish Inquisition which ended 200 years ago, Goa is still alive and well and its torture methods experienced a comeback in the 1980s with the advent of trance "music."

Zionist Retribution

During the colonization of America, countless Sephardim fled to the Spanish territories as Crypto-Jews, feigning allegiance to the Catholic Church while continuing Judaic rituals. Today, these "lost Jews" are reconnecting with their ancestral heritage and turning towards the greater Zionist agenda.

Furthermore, the pro-Zionist media and government of the Anglo-Judaic alliance has enacted various measures of vengeance towards the descendants of Spanish colonial gentiles, including advertising all of them, regardless of individual racial or national background, as a homogenous, indistinguishable inferior "brown" race of alien migrants intended to be either patronized or ridiculed, while at the same time passing Jews off as white in addition to them being the superior "chosen people."

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