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Successful Trolling of SerialKillaC

Vidfreakfido13: Did you ever wonder how obese Juggalos get to ICP concerts. Yeh

ComradeMero: They teleport there with the powers of Shangri-la.

Vidfreakfido13: Now since it's a known fact that Shangri-la is the night shift at McDonalds what you are suggesting is crazy. Somehow the Juggalos use McDonalds night shifts as dimensional rifts that actually displace items in real god stunning!

ComradeMero: Yes but to create such a rift one needs to have an IQ of lower than 45 and dive face first into a fryer. It was discovered by Violent Gay who explained his theory to Faggy 2 Grope one night they decided to try it. It was successful but left their faces with painful scars....hence the man make up.

ComradeMero: The various messages about Shangri-la in the various ICP albums are just explanations on how to use the fryer to it's maximum wormhole traveling capability. It's also like a map for various Juggalos so they don't get lost in the Goatse like portal hidden in every fryer. The Dark Carnival is just an explanation of "the warp" that they found and an explanation on how to use it to it's full advantage, moreover they can't be seen again geting dropped off at another ICP concert in Mom's minivan.

Vidfreakfido13: Ah...that explains the KISS rip-off.

YoungMosas:dude your gonna get your ass kicked I've seen juggalos that are those big ass biker dudes you know the ones with muscles and tats that the thought of you getting one like them would make you shutter but you know what all we need is one of our 5 year old juggalettes handle you.... and if you mke a joke of that your a dirty bitch!

Youngmosas:dude yeah they do explain why whena store owner sees a jugalo walk into their store wearing a ICP t shirt or painted they call te cops huh answer that and also ICP can rap I saw the awards idoit

Vidfreakfido13:I dare say Awards like what voted worst band of all time? Which they have won in fact, as well I am in no fear of receiving a pounding of any sort I talk to 'juggahoes' like this in real life. I imagine you say you you'll 'hatchet me' I dare say I'm not worried Juggalos are afraid to attack me. THey know better. Furthermore Try insulting people with intelligence no trains of swears.

YoungMosas:as I told your life partner fuck you to bitch!!!!

Vidfreakfido13:E gad your grammer is terrible it's "You're" not "your"