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Deep in the basement of Shannon, a plan was being planned. A plan to create a new site, because Shannon had been permabanned from ShitBlox for sending gay furry porn to a 7 year old member. Shannon was not able to sleep for years because he couldn't send kids porn anymore. Not only that but his parents found all the furry porn on his computer and they grounded him while they cried on the couch saying "Why, why did my son have to be a furry?". Being stuck in his room Shannon decided to spend days creating a new site for people that got banned from Shitblox. It really wasn't a good idea.

Shannon faps to this

Ironically the site was supposed to be a better Roblox without butthurt mods and admins. Which is nothing but propaganda to attract people to the site. Sooner or later you will realize that the moderation is a complete pile of fail.

Moderator message: You are mean


Moderator message: Don't diss unicorns


This proves that the site is the exact same thing as Roblox when it comes to moderation.

Some time after

Maximillius is very talented when it comes to artwork.
Sneak4000 spends his time making interesting comics.

When finally done, Shannon was covered in sweat, semen, and kool aid. He had finally created the best forum site on the web. Being so happy he decided to wait until a bunch of people got banned from Roblox to join him. After 5 months, only one member had joined,Zknight. Shannon was real happy, only to find out Zknight took his position of admin a few days later. After that more faggots joined, even the infamous weeaboo Takaisora. Shannon fucking jizzed his pants.

Mod Elections

Soon the site was in need of mods because people kept spamming it with furry porn(mostly Shannon) and Zknight decided to take action. Zknight held a mod election only to make sure that they are as horrible as the Roblox mods. You can tell the mods were going to be bad, the winners of the election were:

  • Maximillius le Bonerhard (Now goes by the name of Doctor Hamilton)
  • JenTy
  • Sneak4000
  • The0HN0ES

These faggy mods usually sat back and enjoyed the view of the site being terrorized by spammers.

The Mods

The Owners

*Shannon: A combination of a Britfag and a furfag, he founded the entire site and spends his spare time fapping to pictures of Krystal from Starfox.

  • Zknight: Bisexual HAH, he wishes. Easily made butthurt (proven by The0HN0ES and Maxi).

These faggots gave up the name of the forums after they were fucked over by everyone being butthurt.

  • WaddleJrJr: A random duck that claims to be human and is apparently skilled at obtaining a VPS with shitty service causing the forums to lag
  • Painsaw: Previously known as Maxi, his job is now to make shitty themes for the site while obsessing over his shitty waifu

The other more important fags of the site

  • Falcon Genesis: She is the twin sister of Takaisora and a butthurt user that got all mad one day because people were leaving Roblox's Off Topic forum. She left but returned (unfortunatly) 2 days later, bringing her faptastic weeaboo love for Sora with her. Now, she's butthurt again and is threatening to leave for a 2nd time, hopefully not returning. She believes Maximillius is messed up just because he said Tl;dr on one of her WAAAY long stories (which was most likely some fanfic where Sora hits puberty and fucks her lights out), or some random shit like that. Often spams the forum about either Kingdom Hearts or some shitty band she likes.
  • Takaisora: Same thing as Falcon Genesis, she just didn't threaten to quit.
  • DrHealsgood: Used to spam porn in the non mature sections for the lulz while nobody does a thing about it. He is one of the few GOOD people on the site because of his hatred for all things furry. Threatened to quit after a furry shitstorm JenTy caused by posting Furry webcomics on the site.
  • Julian the Lemur: Dr.Hamilton's alt.
  • Theonly: Just another schmuck that wastes his time on the site. Thinks he's cool for using a Majora's mask creepypasta image as his avi.
  • Teh96: Like Theonly, but uses moar creepypasta images.
  • Minutedude64: The typical American
  • Theonly: The only faggot in Insane Zero

The "War" of Propane and Unicorns

If Propane Tanks had Fur, I would be on your Team.


—Shannon, further proving his furfaggotry

The idea originated when Goddess Kat became obsessed with unicorns and demanded unicorn emotes so she could fap to to them. Max decided to "Counteract" and demand awesome shitty propane and Hank Hill emotes. Thus, the "war" began.

A challenger appears

October 17, 2010. Somebody called Julian the Lemur just forced the propane section into becoming the lemur section. Making propane "lose" the "war". Though, Julian is provoking another war by trolling the unicorn section, which has failed hard.

Goddess Kat became so butthurt from Julian that in a horrid rage she banned him. Maximillius went butthurt as well because Julian was his best friend alternate account. Even though Zknight unbanned him Julian lost the the game and unicorns had permanently won the "war". Julian currently is not doing a thing about it, because he accepts how hard he fails.

Shaving Adella

10 - 30 - 10, Maximillius became so obsessed with a line from the crap ass game he decided to spam it around the entire site and Roblox. It came from one line in Front Mission Evolved "Dylan, wake up! You have to save Adella!" but due to some person's awful hearing it sounded like shaving Adella instead of saving her so he posted a thread on Gamespot. It took 1 month after reading it for Maximillius to finally spam it and make an unfunny forced meme out of it.


Doctor Hamilton's epic gay FAQ

Maximillius created a FAQ that should should not be the model of all any website FAQs.

Just for the beginners. This does different topics than the original FAQ.

1.Is this place like OT_Chatroom?

  • A:Kind of, we just don't suck each other's cocks on webcam as frequently.

2.Why won't my dog put the stick in it's mouth?

  • A:Next time use flavored lubricant

3.How do I log in?

  • A: Interesting question, but nobody knows the answer.

4.What's 10(5x + 9^6 -8y) simplified when Y = 4,540 and X=80

  • A:This isn't math class John. Though Shannon answered it for you.

5.Why won't Shannon make me an admin?

  • A:Because he is too shy and actually is in love with you.

6.How do I change my avatar.

  • A:Change your avatar.

7.How do I join the 18+ section?

  • A:Join the 18+ group.

8.How do I hide my IP from Shannon and the mods?

  • A:You don't. We need it so we know where you live, that way we can rape you for not obeying the rules.

9.Is this a furry site?

  • A:No, Shannon is the only furry.

10.Is Zknight gay for me?

11. What are the rules?

  • A:Rule #1: Obey the rules

Rule #34:If it exists there is porn of it.

12.Hey man my Starcraft 2 key doesn't work, what do i do?

  • A:Contact Blizzard

13.I can't beat Glen on level 30, I have tried different wanzer setups but he always takes out my entire team.

14.How do I increase my RAM?

  • A:Upgrade your computer.

15.Why is my microwave running but not heating?

  • A:what brand is it? the most common problem for that is that the contacts on the mag-tube get corroded and don't conduct electricity. other than that, control board or bottom door switch.

i don't recommend people working on microwaves unless they know about them. just unplug it, capacitors don't usually hold a charge for more than a second. on one side you'll see a box hanging there with cooling fins. on the side of it are two wires coming from the transformer. take these off the magtube and the scrape the contacts on the mag. hook the wires back the way they were. BEFORE plugging it in, put the cabinet back on and some of the screws back in.

16.Why are aliens attacking my corn fields?

  • A:They need the corn to make tortillas so they can have snacks when trying to hide from the border patrol.

17.How do I shoot gun?

18.I still can't beat Glen

  • A:Then you suck at video games.

19.Why is Shannon's dick on his ear?

  • A:Same reason why his ear is on his pelvis.

20.How many of the mods are gay?

  • A.All of them, except Jenty, shes bisexual.

21.Do you like coconut?

  • A.I fucking hate coconut.

22.Why is Maximillius le Bonerhard so disturbing?

  • A.It's how I was meant to be

23.Why do the mods never do their job?

  • A.In order to be a good mod, do not do anything about a post 99% of the time. Love, Zknight.

24.What should my password be?

  • A.Something somebody can easily guess so they can hack your account.

25.Why is Bill Gates hiding in my closet?

26.Does Shannon Love Me/Us?

  • A:Not Unless you have Fur or Four Legs

27. Why has life betrayed me?

  • A: Sometimes life just doesn't like black people.

28. Has Shannon finally committed suicide so I don't have to deal with his fur faggotry?

  • A: I will check for his body tomorrow .


  • A: You can prevent them for stealing it in the first place by setting up KKK guards around the area.

30. What's the meaning of life?

  • A: Sex without condoms or birth control.

31. Is Shannon gay for me?

  • A: Not unless you have fur, four legs, or are The0HN0ES.

This is proof not only is Shannon a furry, but he does bestiality.

A usual day on the site

Every day of the site is composed of Shannon fapping to the porn section, Maximillius scarring everyone's childhood and winning the war between propane and unicorns, Zknight posting IRL pics and exposing Shannon, and all the other members of the site being boring. Out of about 50 members the mods are the only people online. You would always run into some thread about OT, anime, and Roblox, and quite possibly the most overused memes you could think of.

Zknight's life

Zknight created his own group about a shitty blog of his. The reason of his shitty creation was that he was socialy neglected, so he created this to feal wanted (and the fact that when he ever gets remotely close to the girl he likes he totally freaks out), but his efforts are in vein because no one would really ever care about what his fucking life is about. One where he seeks attention and is unfunny as possible. Those who read his blogs often become an hero because it is so horrid. Nobody cares at all if Zknight fucks his secret girlfriend (probably secret because she doesn't exist) or if he ate KFC. Zknight also has planned to loose his virginity by using his blog to get rapists to come and find him.

Insane Zero: The Movie, the very definition of unfunny

Last Thursday this perfectly animated abomination entered jewtube <video type="youtube" id="e6J-MRdvz8w&autoplay=0&start=1" height="380" width="640" position="center" frame="false" />

Zknight and Maximillius fight

Last Thursday Zknight posted a thread where he planned to be an attention whore. He argued on about something he did yet in order to be a huge attention whore, he decided to not tell anyone a thing. Maximillius, being the asshole he is decided to partake in the thread and troll Zknight by telling him to use condoms next time. Zknight, in an outrage decided to start an argument over it. He kept going on about Maximillius fucking whores too much and that he owns a bar. It was only to cover up the fact he is an attention whore. At the end, Zknight went even more off topic to cover his attention whoring by revealing Julian the Lemur is actually Maximillius's alternate account but Maximillius counteracted by revealing that one of the first few people to join the site Bob the mudkip is actually Zknight's alternate account.

Hey I actually use condoms



After the argument

After the whole argument Zknight was so butthurt that in every thread he talked about the argument. He was also butthurt enough to do fake warnings on Maximillius so he gets banned. Ironically, it is the most mature thing that any site admin would have done. EVAR. It is only soon that he ends up actually getting so butthurt he bans Maximillius. Which is the second sign that Insane Zero is not "Roblox without butthurt mods and admins".

Maximillius gets banned

Best reason to ban, ever.

After another argument with the admin Zknight, Maximillius is finally banned because Zknight claimed "his signature and profile were inappropriate" thus causing drama. Now to make sure he sounded cool, Zknight spammed this on every single thread and bitched that he needed to be more strict and that Max is an evil jew.

Zknight gets butthurt... Again

The0HN0ES managed to make Zknight butthurt by trolling whining to him about overuse of everyone's favorite unfunny meme, The Game. Zknight offered an epic pathetic response. Teh96, The0HN0ES and just about everyone else sat back and laughed at his terrible rebuttal.

Also @The0HN03S, you are gay and suck dick, go fap to blue waffles, loolololololloollllololollolooolooloolo, I iz trolling u lolololollloololloooolollollool, that is what you get for trolling me about using the game twice.


—Zknight's unoriginal rebuttal

Project Zero

In order to get more attention Shannon posted something about an Insane Zero game last thursday. The people were not shocked at all because the last time Shannon made something he quit half way. Not much information is revealed besides the fact this game violates copyrights from:

  • Eternal Champions
  • Big Bang Beat

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