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Insectduel is a 23 year old, male ROM-hacking veteran named Rondell L. Molé from the Bronx. Since an early age, he has shown a passion for buttsecks and still drops the soap to this day. As an experienced artist, Insectduel has proven his skill by making forum signature banners with photoshop to advertise his critically acclaimed ROM-hacking work. Much of his art is reminiscent of animu and the "Winx Club".

He takes care to keep his name from being tarnished; for example:

You can no longer view my MySpace page anymore. The profile will remain in private. However, I've still cannot host a real pic of me in public for safety reasons.



He also wishes people to take him and his affairs seriously:

Our staff, our board, and rules are SERIOUS. This is not a joke board.


—Insectduel, from part of the headline of his forum

In addition to the skills he's learned in Computer Science 3, he's also mastered the use of the English language from his foray into 12th grade English. His proficiency with the Japanese language is also apparent:

Konnichiwa! Welcome to Insectduel's Board. The world of ROM-Hacking. For those who supports Megagirl another fight story. Thank you for all your support. We are appericated :). Registration to Insectduel's Board is absolutely free. When you write in Insectduel's Board, you should be able to read and write English on your own. Otherwise have fun being banned.




Ever since passing Computer Science 3 in High School, Insectduel has produced work loved by many throughout the community like "Afterworld 8" and several other masterpieces. He also has a few projects in development, some of which will allegedly include "ASM", a programming language that he'd learned while in Computer Science 3.


Some critics have said that sometimes he's gone as far as to patronize the less experienced ROM-hackers, and even stating that this message may upset the casual browser:

Condensed Rules for idiots like you

One. No SPAMMING Two. No flaming, either. Idiots will be banned on sight. Three. No acting like a mod unless your name is in a flavor other than 0. Four. No advertising. (This includes MySpace) Five. No being stupid. Six. Don't ask for ROMs. It's posted everywhere. Don't be a stupid moron and ask (you'll get permabanned) Seven. No, you can't have a copy of Proboards. Stop asking. We are never associated with the Proboards development team. Eight. Hacking a ROM and showing nothing but screenshots of a single level with nothing new is a good way to get a thread closed. Nine. No profanity bypassing. Ten. Gross amounts of stupidity will be banned on sight.

If you obey these rules, you'll do fine. Disobey them and I'll ban you.


—Insectduel, from his "Newbie Forum"

Others have criticized his work; they've called it poor and Insectduel himself a newbie, citing the irony in that he is allegedly a newbie calling others newbies.

His harshest critics and most beloved followers agree: He is responsible for the contempt in which he is held. His friends say that others are jealous of his skill and creativity, others claim that he is a hack, with a poor attitude and a lack of any tangible work under his belt. Regardless of which side one is on, most acknowledge his fame, which may be exactly what he intended.

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