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intLib, also known as Mike Lorrey, "intLibber Brautigan", or "intLibber" is a self-obsessed Libertarian/Fascist who spends all his spare time on Second Life having virtual rough sex with a digital bear. He believes he can be President of the United States, but doesn't realize that since the reign of George W. Bush, Americans have become a lot more careful about electing retards. Lately, he has been involved in claiming Mudkips Acronym of the Patriotic Nigras is a government agent, that PN members are being arrested, and that the FBI is cooperating with him in investigations. He claims an IQ of 160 and a SAT score of 1340, just barely under his weight in pounds. His exploits are detailed further in the main PN article.

intBlubber himself.


IntLib runs a virtual stock trading thing in Second Life (or did, before his stocks fell apart and people pulled their investments out lol). It resides in two mammoth reconstructions of the WSE towers in Friedman, which are protected by gay devices which check to see if you're a troll and automatically ban you from the sim if you don't have payment info or something (they ban 90% of legitimate accounts too so that's fine too). It used to be guarded by furfags but they now spend most of their time in NorthStar yiffing instead of doing what they're supposed to.

e-Land Business

IntLib will sell you a parcel of e-land. Maybe. If you give him over 9,000 spacemoneys. And even then he'll eat your family and kick you out after 10 minutes for stupid shit like particle spam or sim crashing.

Most of his tenants' sims are clustered around Lorrey, "feature" some of the same protection Lorrey and Friedman have, and are crawling with furfaggots and the occasional leftover PN seizuretorus or cheezjet. His recent financial problems may have placed these sims in line for the furnaces, to the relief of the brave men fighting to close the AIDS-filled pools in the area.


  ____ _   _    _    _   _ 
 / ___| | | |  / \  | \ | |
| |   | |_| | / _ \ |  \| |   ENTERPRISES LLC.
| |___|  _  |/ ___ \| |\  |   "i herd u liek mudkipz lol"
 \____|_| |_/_/   \_\_| \_|         -- PRESENTS --
DOX: Mike Lorrey -- Libertarian, lulzcow, internet lawyer at lawl.

This document is the result of extensive research by the private infosec firm
CHAN ENTERPRISES, LLC., conducted under extensive private funding provided by
Eric Bauman and Max Goldberg and their associates.

1. Contact Information
Name: Mike Lorrey
Age: 39
Date of Birth: January 19th, 1968

Address uncertain. Investigations continue onto finding a valid street address.

Phone number: (603) 863-8490. This is of his parents, but he answered - this
confirms he lives with his parents.

A note for further operations. I don't recommend going to his house, because it
will give him a real reason to have the person arrested, and he has an automatic
rifle that has a 50 round clip. Well that's what he told me.

PO Box 1624
Grantham, NH 03753

2. Information on activities

Prologue by Nigrapassion
Before we start, let me just say this. He thinks SL is a business platform.
He also thinks evading IP bans is illegal and a felony.
And he thinks SL money is real money.
End prologue.

Lorrey is a so called "transhumanist". He has set up many organizations claiming to
be srs bsns, but most if not all consist of a blog and a free forum. Lorrey has
attempted to start an aerospace company with his daddy.
He has managed to piss off a hueg chunk of the libertarian community, according
to his website. 

Lorrey first became involved in Patriotic Nigras when PN attempted to buy land
on or near his sim (region of land) for glorious Fort Longcat. Unfortunately,
he summoned the owner and got PN kicked off (having spent over $10,000 Lindens on
land they would never receive).

His exploits did not end there. intLib claimed the PN's activities cost him over 
nine thousand e-bucks. He commented in the Second Life Herald
that he believed Mudkips Acronym to be an FBI undercover operative.
He soon changed his mind, saying that the entire leadership of PN is going to be
arrested, and arrests have started already. He submitted a form to the FBI
cybercrime site and claimed they actually cared about penises on his e-lawn.


This has been a CHAN Enterprises production. Special thanks for financial
support goes out to Eric Bauman ( and Max Goldberg. Without
their continuing support these efforts would not be possible.

Intlib's response

However, out of the article came massive lulz. Around early March, IntLib, posted about Mudkips Acronym's RACISM, HOMOPHOBIA, AND BIGOTRY. Standing up for the rights of honest naked Jewish furries with giant e-penises everywhere, he didn't realize he had been trolled in an epic manner by the PN. He also showed his quite limited knowledge of Shooped Life, which does absolutely nothing of the things he cited it doing and everything he didn't, including throwing out MAC bans.

To correct Mudkips Ackronym: Mud, your a liar, a bigot, anti-semite, homophobe, racist, and a 

a) a liar: despite your claims, your group has attacked my estate for a month on a nearly daily 
basis. there are zero furry sims in my estate. I suppose having some furry employees and a few furry 
residents is enough for you to try to wreck things for everybody, but that just shows the extent of 
your hate and vileness.
b) a bigot: while most of you are white teenage boys with too little parental supervision and no 
prospects with the ladies, you prance around wearing outfits promoting grossly stereotypical African
American features like huge afro-hair, dark black skin, etc.
c) anti-semite: you display at your Fort Longcats, images promoting Adolf Hitler, the swastika, and
are logged making anti-semitic statements on a number of occasions
d) homophobe: pretty self explanatory, you attack furries because many are gay (though no exclusively
so, but that doesn't stop you from targeting all with your hateful assaults).
e) racist: see (b), plus the fact you accuse people who oppose your hate and intolerance as "racist"
is apparently intended to abuse the word to meaninglessness.
f) terrorist: crashing sims for hours, to the point of requiring grid monkey to physically reset the
server, is a Weapon of Mass Destruction. Obvious terrorism, seeking to instill fear in the SL 

Patriotic Nigras is merely the top level group. It uses other groups like /b/, /b/tards, /b/SUPREMACY,
/i/lluminati, FBI, Freemasons, United by One Divided by Zero, to recruit and filter similarly bigoted
twits (and to weed out infiltrators intent on exposing them). It has a cellular structure, like any 
terrorist organization, to compartmentalize information and avoid exposure.

They are also thieves, squatting their fortresses on other peoples land, and wrecking the sim time of 
others. The PN tried also to defraud the World Stock Exchange and its bank, as a scheme to poison 
many persons accounts with frauded L$, which would have caused those persons accounts to be canceled 
(like Nexxus Ambassadors was) by LL due to its Risk API. The PN is not just a risk to the furries of 
SL, but to all residents of SL. All residents need to stand up against the griefer threat and tell 
Linden Labs that enough is enough, griefing must end.

It is simple enough to achieve this. There are a few things LL can do:
a) allow avs to have more than 25 group memberships, perhaps 64 or 256 memberships, this will 
eliminate the only reason for honest avs to need alts.
b) limit alts per IP/MAC/HDD serial number to 3-5.
c) only allow one basic account per IP/MAC/HDD, and actually mean it. it is too easy to bypass this 
in the current client.
d) remove parcel level bans from client-side enforcement. this poor security decision by LL has 
allowed PN to develop their Shooped Life client, that is not bannable by parcel level bans, from the 
Open Source client.
e) Make the crime of sim crashing a permanent bannable offense for the IP/MAC/HDD or processor serial
number, and enforce it, even if its a child of a Linden...;).
f) Create a subset of lsl for estate managers to be able to script estate security features to better
automate responses to griefing attacks.
g) allow estate managers to ban people by group association, to drop a list of names into the estate
banlist, and to expand the estate banlist beyond its present 300 name limit, to around 1,000 names.

What residents can do to protect themselves:
a) do not allow others to build on your land, beyond whatever group you associate it with or deed it 
b) ensure that you live where the estate has an active estate manager presence to respond to attacks.
c) estate managers can neutralize the PN's dreaded Doomsday Gun by turning off collisions when an 
attack starts, or when warned ahead of time of a coming attack by a trusted source.
d) residents can turn off particles in the edit>preferences dialog to neutralize particle effects 
upon their client.
e) when an attack does occur, as many residents as possible should file abuse reports on every 
f) above all, do not tolerate intolerance and hate. The Big 6 are the bedrock of the SL community, 
but are meaningless if we don't all take personal responsibility for making our community a better 


IntBlubber is now bankrupt and his sims got taken away by LL.

IntLibber Bites Back

In late 2013, LindenLab suddenly realized the error of their ways (and that karma is a bitch) after one disgruntled player decided to sue them for money lost due to b&. When Intlibber found out, he decided to jump at the opportunity to get jew gold from Linden Lab and invest it in a new virtual world of his own that he thinks will put SL out of business.

My share of the settlement money, minus shareholders portion, will be invested in my new virtual world project designed to put SL out of business. Any other persons interested in investing in this goal are encouraged to contact me on Facebook.


—Intblubber, Linden Lab's new #1 competitor

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