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Old school yo'
occe is god

Interflop war Internet Forum, gegründet durch zwei faggots genannt Stalin und Zhukov (ihn hat Familie Ausgaben). Das Forum galt als einen Spin-off von vielen Schwulen aus YTMND, die zum faggotry von YTMND neu sind, aber es war tatsächlich die Folge zu X-YTMND, ein Forum, das bestand mindestens 100 Jahren und bestand alte Schule aus Mitgliedern vom prachtvollen Alter von 2004, das von der Tyrannei maximalen von Jewbergs müde wuchs und heraus verbreitete, um eine neue, goldene Gemeinschaft unter der liebevollen Zeit zu verursachen, die vom Führer Stalin ihrer ist.

Ausserdem waren die Juden für 9/11 verantwortlich.

As of 11 June 2008, Interflop has made a return. Will it last longer than a week this time? Only time will tell this tale.

Notable Members/Groups/Love Triangles

  • Britfags Margoon, imacommie, Zoinkid, sips, Ben_Dover, Sir_Rowsty, Stevie and Jimp. Created the sub-forum loltheuronet, which saw the rise of the Euroshrew series, a failed food trade between America and Britain and 97% of the forum's humorous content.
  • occe (is god) and the furious reign of the occe army
  • Zhukov and his family issues
  • DavieD008 - Had one eye, was good at photoshop
  • Stalin's copypasta of mildly humorous SA threads, therefore saving everyone 10 bux
  • Krunksquad: CS:S crew consisting of over 9000 members world wide, made infamous by Ewokmyweewok and Jackmullen47 (Jewish)
  • The gay shift
  • MasterSaw - Hardcore Canada fag, has freckles on his dick
  • Ephraim and his posts of curious wonder
  • Princess - Possible alt of AFJ, claimed to have his baby
  • Gren - My beloved, you are within us always and forever. <3 ~~supa kawaii~, etc.
  • Team Weeaboo: Strossus (lives in a manga magazine down by the harbour), Anonymouse & Communist/Zoomunist/Zoomy etc. Despite adopting every possible nickname combination in the world nothing could hide the fact that he was a manga loving, obese middle-aged virgin.
  • Papajohn. lol.
  • tiki - Failed heroin addict, myg0t hax0r -Now DEAD, OD'd on heroin or something. RIP meng ;'[-
  • Dukat - YTMND fag, became mildly funny,
  • Zoloft - had IRL sex with Herr Ragnar or something, her existence was the pinnacle of many a debate with many claiming she was an alt
  • Charade - Old YTMND fag, put things in his anus (hello Speigalpwns) and had a girlfriend who resembled a hog roast
  • ShockingTubeOfToothPaste, became aroused at everything and anything and was the forum's official erotic fiction writer
  • Ira, Emporer of China - could not spell "emperor" correctly
  • KvanCetre - surprisedcat.jpg
  • danbizzle - Internet cool guy, makes your fridge look whack yo'
  • Kefka Palazzo, the Azn John Cusack
  • Sub-Zer0 - Lived in Canada and owned a moose farm, played UT and MK as a profession
  • Team Nazi: JEWKILLER, betardfoozer, AUFSTEHN, Herr Ragnar, Drunkchicken & AFJ
  • Zorn - 13 year old furry faggot. Had the voice of a 40 year old Mexican bus conductor.
  • robohomophobe - Cool guy
  • Dirt - Kurt Cobain
  • The_Internet_Police - Personal Therapist to Stalin, Protector of the internets

Everyone else was either an alt, not worthy of mentioning or was a YTMND faggot looking for acceptance amongst the elite.

The Death Of Interflute

Precious memories

After the forum started decreasing in lols a lot of members started disappearing as the ever growing wave of YTMND and faggots rushed the boards, sucking cocks left, right and center in order to gain acceptance into the Interflop community. Then to make matters worse, Sub-Zer0 was unable to afford hosting costs any more due to being a poor Canadian who spent his last pennies on UT merchandise and bagged milk.

Thus Interflop was taken down. Exact date was not recorded as nobody fucking cared.

The Aftermath

A loltheuronet board was created in a desperate attempt by the remaining eurofags to preserve some of the funnies that was once so frequent on Interflop. Needless to say this fell through and is now deader than your chances of ever having sex.

The last known whereabouts of many X-YTMND and Interflop veterans is at Almightylol, which is a pack of YTMND furries attempt at trying to mimic Interflop.




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