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Girlvinyl taking an internap after being viciously raped by Jameth's apelike otherkin-alterego.

At the start of 2005, Internap was LJ's one and only datacenter. A power outage on January 14th, 2005 revealed flaws in both Internap's back-up power systems and flaws in the hardware LJ was using for its back-ups. LiveJournal, a lot of spammers, and several other major websites hosted in the Seattle area had significant downtime as a result.

LiveJournal had a downtime of just over 24 hours, leading to derision from Slashdotters unaware that a single hyperlink from LJ's news page could cause Slashdot's servers to go up in a pyrotechnic burst of breadboard and remaindered ThinkGeek merchandise.

The story made it to the mainstream media, causing Internap's stock value to fall into the toilet. As soon as LJ came partially back online, Dramacrat Lj-favicon.png Brenden wasted no time in creating a community in which victims of the LJ blackout could cry cut and commiserate.

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