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An Internet Jihadist is a combination of sand nigger and Internet tough guy. Generally, an Internet Jihadist will start his online jihad by stating how butthurt he was because someone did something that he felt was most uncool.

While the CIA, FBI, NSA, and the Media take the threat of Muslims on the Internet making death threats seriously, the expert troll will quickly, and rightfully, dismiss this butthurt as classic Internet Tough Guy behavior.

The final solution for Haji is a ticket to Cuba complements of the United States Government.

Thing an Internet Jihadist will blow himself up about

  • Danish Cartoons
  • American Comedians who make jokes about terrorists
  • Muslim women who show their ankles
  • Women reading, voting, driving, or doing anything else for that matter
  • Jews
  • American culture
  • Evangelicals who hate Muslims
  • American intervention
  • United Nations fuck-ups. (At least the Americans know what the hell they are doing. See Libya.)
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