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Yeah, you do.

Internet assholes are people who make Internets suck for everyone. Spammers, virus writers, child rapists and general bitches. Internets provide plenty of forums for outing Internet assholes. On some forums such as Slashdot, real world contact information is spread in forums about an Internet asshole, generally with the intent of harassment.

LJ Abuse, in order to limit "legal liability", always sides with Internet assholes when LiveJournal is the host of information. For example, just writing the name of a known Internet asshole in your LiveJournal is grounds for suspension. This prohibitive policy isn't in the LJ TOS but is in the secret policy document. Internet assholes prove the Internet Fuckwad Theory as truth.

It is interesting to note that the Internet Asshole's arch-nemesis is the Internet Tough Guy, despite the fact that they share many of the same characteristics. The difference is that the IAs don't take themselves seriously. The ITGs do 110%.

A classic asshole of the internet.

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