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Internet Panhandling is what happens when unwarranted self importance combines with shameless self promotion to lead a person to have unrealistic expectations about their ability to make IRL money on the internet.


It often starts with an attention whore and a blog, although it often manifests itself in other forms. The attention whore, sometimes with the aid of sockpuppets begins to create a following for themselves on whatever corner of Web 2.0 they're in. This inevitably leads to unwarranted self importance, as the attention whore believes that their own lives is of critical importance to others. Eventually, their attention whoring consumes them and they spend all their time on the internet because they're usually a basement-dwelling faggot anyway. Being unemployed, they scheme to make their money off of their retard fanboys so that they don't have to get a real job and they can spend all their time OTI. Frequently, the attention whore will try to tie their begging to their actual purpose on the internet, and then progress to simply demanding money because they need it.

Places where Internet Panhandling is Prevalent

Typical blogger
Bloggers supply their basic needs through PayPal
  • The Blogosphere - Since some big bloggers such as Andrew Sullivan and Michelle Malkin have made it into the mainstream media, any douchebag with an opinion now believes that they can do the same. With the advent of PayPal, it is simple to just stick a button on their page and wait for the expected donations to roll in. Political bloggers are particularly likely to tinge their begging with political rhetoric, as giving a donation is portrayed as part of the larger fight against the other guys. People who blog about their regular lives may gain followings and therefore unwarranted self importance over their newly found large e-peen. These bloggers create their own cafepress stores and then may progress to more outright begging. However, this form of blogging is more insidious, because you're actually paying them for boring you.
  • Freenode - Rob Levin was a notorious beggar and fraud, well at least until he had his date with destiny.

Notorious Instances of Internet Panhandling

Notorious Internet Panhandlers