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Into The Trash It Goes! is a phrase that was popularized on 4chan's /pol/ board in early 2013. A picture of Penn Jillette is used to imply someone's opinion does not matter. Often times it is also used to call out plebs on music sites/boards, such as /mu/.

Penn Jillette

Moar info: Penn and Teller.

The trashman himself is part of an Illusionist duo creatively named Penn and Teller, and for his T.V. Show cancelled T.V. Show "Bull Shit". Penn the more famous of the two, is a role model for edgy fedorians everywhere. He is known for being a spokesperson for atheism, the war on drugs(although he's too much of a pussy to try them), and other general bleeding heart liberal bull shit. You can see him on MSNBC bitching about Catholics, the police or boasting about his 58 years of sobriety. Penn is a blowhard and a walking contradiction and anytime he comes on a television program Into the Trash it Goes.

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While this phrase didn't originate on 4chan, once it became established there, its use caught on elsewhere on the internet. On /pol/, the meme is often used in relation to job resumes, where-in HR is seemingly symbolized by an image of Penn.

/pol/ Anonymous Fri Nov 08 2013 15:35:54 No.217254830
>Be HR Guy
>Look through resumes
>Your Resume
>Ethnicity: White
>Gender: Male
>Orientation: Straight
>Into the trash it goes

Those who wish to see it in action are encourage to start a thread on /v/ and praise Microsoft's Xbox One as being superior to Sony's PlayStation 4. Be sure to argue with anyone who dares to disagree with you.

/v/ Anonymous Fri Nov 08 2013 15:35:54 No.217254830
Let's try to have a decent 360 thread. This gen is over, so how has it been the past years? I'm completely expecting a bunch of hate, but personally I love my 360.
/v/ Anonymous Fri Nov 08 2013 15:49:47 No.217256638
>ads everywhere
>shit community
>horrible graphics
Just get a fucking PS4
It has better graphics, better ram, better online, CHEAPER online, better fucking everything. Fuck off

Elsewhere the meme can be spotted in the wild, maybe on a forum where everyone isn't ignorant, good luck finding one! If someone includes a picture of Penn Jillette in their response to you, it might be a good idea to determine if you really know what you're talking about, and if others do the same, it's time to lurk more or GTFO!


The Trashman honors his name while bashing /tv/
and Baneposts
Penn Jillette on God, No!, Atheism, Libertarianism, & More


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