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Invisible X

From Encyclopedia Dramatica

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Another winning (and enduring) /b/ meme born unto Caturday, (RIP), over 9,000 years ago, INVISIBLE (your object here) started life as a classic unshooped cat macro with a simple IMPACT lulzline.

Whilst INVISIBLE...(whatever) macros usually depict a cat literally making lulz out of nothing, this meme has devolved to include humankind and other animals.

Those trying to jack a cat's invisible bike have been turned invisible by the cat's harsh judicial system (underfunding leads to invisibilation instead of incarceration or treatment). A famous example was when Tiger Woods, Will Smith and OJ all tried to steal a cat's invisible bike and invisibilised before they could say 'Kentucky Fried Grand Theft Auto!', none of them have been seen since.

The classic and an example of the cats' cloaking device


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