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Don't worry, it's lo-fat otter jizz

Lj-favicon.png ionotter is one of the furry fandom's many drama whores. His murrsona name (which may or may not be his real one) is Alexsandyr Troutnoodler. Already, you know that this guy not only guzzles otter semen, but probably fucks trout as well.

Ionotter is also one of the founding members of the Kadaitcha stalkers.

Lj-favicon.png ionotter Hates America

Lj-favicon.png ionotter flipped the fuck out when he found out that he wasn't allowed to bring otter semen on the plane anymore -- all the post-9/11 Jewery finally hit home. He also made sure to post this to the communities for every convention he'd planned on attending, telling them "Fuck you guys, I'm not comin'!". Thankfully they were saved for posterity by another furry fuck-face, Lj-favicon.png railfoxen. Lj-favicon.png ionotter claims that the government is trying to infringe on furry rights by banning animal semen from aircraft. However, he later claimed to work for the American Government before deleting everything.

Aren't you glad that furry fatties are defending freedom? He also later writes several crybaby posts about being trolled.

He also takes his man-tits very seriously.

Ionotter at his natural size, doing the only thing he is talented at.


Everything is serious business to Ionotter, especially LiveJournal and the internet. God forbid you suggest that [1] the trusted bond of the almighty sacred friendslist might not be so secure] (hint: it's not).

Oops, missed it. Oh well, I guess that means you have a spare "apology credit" with me, since I read this anyway.. You betray, you pay.

This clearly shows that over-consumption of otter semen has had an adverse impact on his psyche.

The dangers of LJ

My f-lock is there for a fucking reason. I got FIRED because my boss read my journal and reported my EncyclopediaDramatica page to the commanding officer, because he thought *I* had written it.

It resulted in me getting kicked off the ship in Djibouti, Africa.

The above edit only added to his incipient paranoia:

I'm having trouble remembering if I that quote was in someone else's journal, or my own. I wouldn't be happy if it came from here, instead of a comment in someone else's journal. I mean, if it came from someone else's journal, then there's really not that much I can do about it. Some folks here are "friends" with some really soul-destroying/soul-destroyed people, and I can't control what those folks do in the journals of my friends. I'll do a cursory search to see if that quote came from my journal or not and take care of it from there. After all, if there's a leak, it should be plugged.

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