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Anime is totally PLUR, dude.

Ishkur is the web's leading pretentious techno fuck.

He runs an ugly mess of a site which bemoans the ravers of today, accusing them all of being druggies and assholes. Which makes sense, since he's a fifty-year old club kid and, having been banned from every club in Canada, one tends to romanticize their club-going days. Instead of doing the right thing and putting his anime-loving, Ecstasy-addled brain out of its misery, he writes obsessively about Oprah and attacks 13 year old boys who call him on his bullshit.

Guide to Electronic Music

Check it, y0!

While the site offers a myriad selection of RaV3R rants and activities (including an RPG lol), the main attraction is Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music.

The Guide is basically a circular roadmap covering every single subgenre of electronic music, offering at least 100 low-quality samples of the same goddamn song on every page. But don't let that keep you away! Also bundled with each little music node is a snarky, self-appreciating quip pointing out why that particular type of music is less cool than the "Ghettotech" genre and sometimes the author himself.

At any rate, the guide is unavailable on the site at the moment due to him recreating it. In its stead is a fast-paced montage of raver bullshit and a statement telling us that he will be done when he damn well pleases. He also begs for money, because PayPal are totally PLUR.

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