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isitnormal Was run by user "Udi" who was apparently a technician for Yahoo. Udi closed the website when the level of cancer upped the ante. It is a now dead website where batshit insane individuals can ask others about their weird, and usually made up for shock value stories and get replies on whether said habit is normal or not. The site had some amusing features when it was mainly comprised of adults. However, the site was eventually the home of kids who would spout sit all day long and conduct illiterate flame wars. The anonymity of the posts allowed anyone to spew whatever nonsense was in their head at the time, allowing geeks to compose embarassing love letters to fellow members, usually to either the no life having " Stargirl " or attention whore Gretchen. Catfight, meow! Most later posts were to Gretchen, thus sparking Stargirl's pitiful menopausal outbursts.

The worst of the internet

Your new best friend

Much like craigslist or grouphug, isitnormal contains the worst the internet has to offer, with questions like "y do ppl h8 us so much???" and other such inanities. Questions about cousin fucking, cutting, bestiality, pregnancy, boners and anal sex are rife, with questions rarely, if ever, getting answered.


isitnormal, along with Yahoo! Answers, has been featured on Something Awful in its Weekend Web supplement. Some of the gems unearthed during this exposé include:

  • "For fun sometimes I stand in front of the mirror and contract my muscles to dance to the A-team theme song"
  • "Is it normal for a boy to put a bike saddle up my bum"
  • "When ever i slit my wrists i get super horny. Then i start to masterbate and put blood all over my c*nt is this normal? (girl)"
  • "I read that lots of girls like stuffed animals on their stuff, but I can't find anyone who feels about flip-flops like I do. Am I alone?"

But usually the questions posted were along these lines -

" I'm 14 and my penis is 3 inches, is this normal? "

" I'm 6 and my penis is 1 inch, is this normal? "

" I'm 30 and my penis is.....

Well, you get the drift.


The best way to troll isitnormal is to answer "yes" to everything, no matter how disgusting or depraved it is. This increases the chance that the sick fuck in question will continue with their disgusting activities and eventually get caught by the feds.

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