Israeli apartheid

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Israeli apartheid is a controversial term that draws an analogy between butthurt Jews on TOW and real life.


It all started when the article Israeli apartheid was created. It was then moved to "Allegations of Israeli apartheid". Of course major Wikipedo jews got major pissed off that the article might result in less Palestinian children's blood for the Matzos so they listed the article for deletion. Over 9000 times, fucking jews. As a result of the fact that the article is obviously conforming to WP standards, the Jews got together and did what they do best: lobby Wikipedia. They began creating a series of articles, "Allegations of X Apartheid", where X is pretty much any fucking country or idea that an hero has choked the chicken while saying the word "Apartheid" in conjunction with said country or idea. And it's not just one or two articles, at least 100 of them have been made.


Eventually the issue was taken to arbcom[1], which unfortunately is run by Jews anyways so this is just an exercise in futility. But for some reason the Jews on arbcom are self-hating, and they might do something that isn't in line with the Protocols of Zion, WHOAMG.

Participants who are fucktards

Participants who aren't brainwashed Jews


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