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Traditionally, Isranon is a fgt who exchanges sex for money and AIDS, unlike a normal JEW who require payments she does it for free. However, she enjoy swallowing the cum of any kind of Scum. Isranon often takes it as granted to fucks everyone everything in a range of 15m.


Whore Copypasta

Hey /b/, My name is Khadija. I've got this huge problem. I can't seem to keep my legs closed. It's like every time a guy walks by, I have to pull down his pants and suck him off. It's horrible! I've had sex with many guys...I'm not sure how much longer my vag can take it. /b/ is there anything I can do about this? I may be a ticking AIDS bomb waiting to explode. They won't even let me into pools! When ever I get angry my vagina grows huge and pink like the incredible vaginal hulk!



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