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72 is the perfect weight. That is, the perfect weight if you're fat. (daym, she has a camel toe lulz)

What is it?

Triggers do not actually exist. But, for the sake of lulz, we'll pretend they do. In theory, a trigger can be a sound/sight/smell/taste/word/feeling/negro/meme that causes a flashback to a bad memory. This bad memory is most often but not limited to rape, almost rape, limecat, Candlejack, or Tacg (whtevrthefuk that is). No one is easier to trigger than bulimic teen girls. They are all FAT and SMELLY and UGLY, even if not. Remember that.

Places Where Trigger Warnings Are Common

So, almost the entire internet, except places where angry little shitlords congregate (gaming forums, 4chan, Reddit etc).

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