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It's a Kirby, Retard is a meme originating from a news article originally published by the old media outlet The Daily Mail (moar liek the Daily Fail amirite?) covering Chris Brown's apparent infringement upon Chris Chan's famous Pokemon medallion. An article about a filthy wife-beating nigger would not normally be newsworthy, if not for the Daily Mail's blatant stupidity. For you see, the publication erroneously categorizes Brown's medallion not once, but twice. The title of the article refers to it as a Pokemon necklace, while the text refers to it as a cat necklace. Normally, a cat is fine too would be applicable here; however, there is one very egregious mistake on the part of the Daily Mail that trumps even this rule.

It's a Kirby, retard.

Chris-Chan and Chris-Brown: the shocking similarities

We can only assume that this will end in an intense race-war between the two.

Weev vs. The Daily Mail

They eventually removed the reference to Pokemon. Unfortunately they still think that Kirby is a cat.

Fortunately for us all, weev was on the case, and he called into The Daily Mail's office to demand a retraction.

The worst journalistic fiasco I have ever seen in my life.




The Daily Mail was relatively unconcerned with this grave violation of journalistic integrity, promising weev that he would "get over it." The Daily Mail would later change the title of the article, but leave the cat reference in the body, leading millions of unsuspecting readers to erroneously believe that Kirby is, in fact, a pink cat. Ask for the online news desk at +44.02079386000 to demand the firing of whomever is responsible for this disgusting lack of source verification.


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