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IvyGate is a website devoted to covering (and causing) drama in Ivy League shitholes. IvyGate was founded in 2006 by Columbia University alumni Chris Beam and Nick Summers. The blog covers the lulz of Ivy League schools, such as a Princeton University class president accused of setting a squirrel on fire, a University of Pennsylvania graduate student who turned out to be in prison, and Harvard skank, Lena Chen, whose fugly nude pictures got splashed all over the internet.

Notable LULZ

Brown University

Here’s an Instagram-y Photo of Scout Willis Getting Iced at a Brown Party (Sorry)

OK, Brown, Seriously: Stop Sending Us NSFW Pictures of Your Classmates

Brown Sued For Alleged Rape Coverup

Columbia University

Naked Girls in the Columbia Library Link to video, "Initiation," here

Cornell University

Pornographic Video Filmed In Cornell Library Discovered Cornell Orgy Planner: “I’d prefer this not get awkward”

Dartmouth University

Dartmouth’s Descent Into Chaos

Harvard University

Lena Chen and the Case of the Naughty Nudie Pics lol, Lena Chen

EXCLUSIVE: She’s Baaaaack! Kaavya Viswanathan’s First Post-Plagiarism Writing

Princeton University

Princeton Freshman Thrown off Balcony, Objectified on Law and Order: Criminal Intent

University of Pennsylvania

Craigslist of the Young and Restless: Penn Grad Student Will Trade Sex 4 Tix

Yale University

Yale Sex Scandal: Meet the Worst Eli Since Whatsisname Flag-Burning Yalie Hyder Akbar Burned a Flag, Doesn’t Want You to Know About It


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