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Lj-favicon.png Iworshipsatin (aka Iworshipsatan) is one of the LJDrama fatties (along with Futhman and Tristan, among others), but she has a serious attitude and is also a drama whore, which distinguishes her from the others. She's been around LJDrama since it was a simple community, but she kept getting into retarded drama with others in the comm, and later the site, and that's why pretty much everyone hates her. She brought the retarded drama home with her when she got pregnant during a one night stand with a crackhead.[1].


She got the name from a real satin lover (he loves lace, too).

A raging liberal, Iworshipsatin that has the "George W Bush is hate" colorbar on her user info. Because of her socialist tendencies, she very quickly realized she would not have any friends in the debate community, and she created her own debate-style community, Lj-favicon.png thought_club. Thought club is a group for furry zoophiles who rape and sacrifice chickens (and of course EAT them FAT FAT FAT).

In 2001, while moderating the disaster of thought_club, she was prodded to break out the big font and declare I DID NOT DELETE THE DAMN ENTRY. Four years later that phrase is still in use in the debate community as an in joke, and that's a sad story unto itself. People with small genitalia still bring it up today because of their limited cognitive abilities to come up with any new fat jokes.

Iworshipsatin and Fat

OK, she's seriously fat. She's on nonuglyfats and other "fat is OK" communities. Her obesity warrants a level 2 headline.

The MRI story

All hail our dark (blue) lord and master.

In 2002, Iworshipsatin had to get tested for her multiple sclerosis, but could not fit into the MRI. Later on, Samia and Futhman were having an argument with Iworshipsatin, and she said on his journal, "YOU wouldn't fit into an MRI either!" to Futhman. This is true, because he is fat also. Nevertheless, the phrase quickly became an in-joke in the LJDrama crowd.

In 2006 she successfully fit in an MRI!

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