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Just like any "good Muslim," Izzi does not invoke sexual or seductive appeal.

From her home in Jordan, Yasmine, who goes by the penname Izzi, is your typical run-of-the-mill, whiny, attention whore blogger who spends 25 hours a day bitching about the non-existant Palestinian state. Izzi is possibly the only single internet celebrity who can take credit for pissing off the entire nation of Kuwait [1]. After a quick, but victorious /i/nsurgency against her half-assed, copypasta, drama-filled, emo-infested, "lick-my-clit" blog, she deleted her own website as an act of fear that the evil Zionists might hack into her account, find out where she lives, and molest her with a six-point star. On February 26th, 2007, she organized and set up an exhibit of Carlos Latuff's artwork, with the help of another Palestinian fucktard, Duried.

Dramatic? Who me?


—Izzi, archived post on her fake blog, Sileas


One of Carlos Latuff's Concubine

Izzi DO NOT WANT your opinion.

The lower your IQ, the higher the probabilty that Latuff's propaganda will actually hold some merit. This is true for Izzi and all the other angsty sixteen year-old girls, college idiots, Sootyjared, and fourteen year-old boys who think "playing politics" is a one-sided game where rules apply to everyone else but themselves. Apparently, the word "dirty" when describing another nation is an objective term. This is her reaction shortly after someone called her ass on the spot:

...you say I am 'attacking the other side.' Am I attacking Israel and America by listing their dirty little deeds?


—Izzi, comment on her blog

Um... yes?

It's no surprise that the mainstay of Carlos Latuff's supporters are drama kiddies who retreat to their own hugboxes after being pwned in a debate, where they begin to follow in the footsteps of Great Comrade Stalin, erm, Carlos Latuff, in which they delete any comments that do not contain the following one-liners:

  • "omg! leik i totally agree with U! ^_^ :D"
  • "+fav"
  • "bloggers > scholars who do their homework and actually study and research this stuff"
  • "you banged how many guys...?"

Of course, if you don't comment at all, beware... IZZI EMO MODE, COMMENCE:

Why don't you guys comment anymore? Have I upset you in someway? I offend people sometimes with out realizing it... But if I haven’t done anything... Then how can I talk to you if you won't talk to me... Two things I am afraid of in this world; Sharks and talking to myself (which means crazy). And yet my blog stats are increasing, so... Silent readers, I really must demand that you unsilence yourselves. Comment, note and document your existence in Sileas! Or else, I'll... hmmm... quit.


—Izzi, tear-jerking post on her blog, deleted after she realized to be careful what she asks for

Attention whore, anyone? You heard her: She wants you to comment her blog. She's asking for it, literally.

The "Zionist" Raid: Zionists - 1, Palestinians - 0


After a quick pwnage of Izzi's blog, titled "Sileas," the bitchy Palestinian whore learned a valuable lesson about how much serious business the internets are:

Update: I'm sorry everybody but comment moderation is back on...


— Izzi, Nazi response on her blog

Looks like she won't be quitting, after all. The /i/nsurgents gave her some love and a reason for her to keep her whiny little blog. Good lookin' out! NO MOAR IZZI DRAMA! PWNED BY THE HOLY POWER OF DESU!

Zionist Hackers? ROFL!


Doesn't it just suck balls when those pesky Zionists get all the credit for what the /i/nsurgents did? This shit happens all the time. Bloggers are usually full of shit, but Palestinian bloggers are full of turds wearing miniature suicide bomb vests:

Sileas, Izzi's amazing Blog has been hijacked by Zionist Hackers who have obviously felt the righteousness of the cause that Izzi always fought for and the effects that her truthful and touching words have on many. (...) Izzi's words have put those Zionist cowards in a state of fear; fear that the truth about Palestine will be known and that the day when it will be liberated will come soon. This fear led them to use desperate measures; they hacked into her email account and her Blogger account and managed to change the passwords and delete her Blog.


—Duried, bullshit post on his faggoty blog

Eye-witness account of what happened to Izzi's blog, Sileas.


Will Izzi ever reveal the truth that she in fact deleted her own pathetic blog and was not hacked? Of course not: She's Palestinian! If a Palestinian lies for Allah, then it is forgiveable! Besides, a phony story about being hacked makes her look like an hero in the eyes of her followers.

The best remedy in dealing with overly passionate Palestinian bloggers is to let them believe that their little fantasy battle against the evil Zionists is a reality. Hey, if you piss them off, they'll fucking write a blog about it! OH SHI-

New Blog

After deleting her own blog, Izzi decide it was time to start a new Sileas and get back on track spewing lies through her ass. Nobody gives a fuck anymore, so she'll probably be safe from the wrath of Mr. Anonymous and Mrs. Desu. Izzi, along with other Palestinians, will be screaching and whining about Israel until she dies of old age, without changing a damn thing. 'Tis the sad, cruel truth about the world of blogging...

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