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Ever since this incontrovertible proof was discovered that the Jews were responsible for the 9/11 attacks, efforts have been made by affluent Zionists from every facet of the liberal media to suppress the facts and keep honest, God-fearing white Americans from the truth. The conspiracy is so vast that there are believed to be agents, even within the ranks of Encyclopedia Dramatica's Administrators, desperately attempting to perpetuate the myth of Islamic involvement in the attacks.


Plan for 9/11

Call to arms
The crypto-kikes that conspired to take down the WTC
Hillary Clinton was responsible.

The most thorough analysis of any possible facts pointing to the complicity of Jews in the planning and orchestration of 9/11 can be found in a two hour and seven minute documentary entitled, "Missing Links". The director, one John Alan Martinson, Jr., and producer, Michael Delaney, profess to have used almost exclusive evidence from the CIA, FBI, NSA, US Armed Forces and foreign intelligence sectors, as well as mainstream news broadcasts and reports from independent investigators. The video was freely distributed in the summer of 2008; reaching an audience of nearly 1,000,000 people in just under three and a half months. It can be seen at and various video hosting websites Youtube-favicon.png such as YouTube. However, it is often deleted by Jews, and in the case of YouTube, the site is owned by Jews via Google. (More YouTube videos on Jews and their 911-doings can be found Pastebinfavicon.png here.)

Also, the Port Authority sold the property to a prominent NYC real estate investor Larry Silverstein, (A Jew) on July 24th, 2001. Was he planning to demolish the aging structure to make way for a new and improved building?? The insurance policies obtained in July 2001 for World Trade Center buildings 1 WTC, 2 WTC, 4 WTC and 5 WTC had a collective face amount of $3.55 billion. Following the September 11, 2001 attack, Silverstein sought to collect double the face amount (~$7.1 billion) on the basis that the two separate airplane strikes into two separate buildings constituted two occurrences within the meaning of the policies. We would suspect the money grubbing Jew would commit insurance fraud just to stuff some extra money into his pocket.

Why it had to be the Jews

When will they stop?
Mel Gibson doesn't think they did it. He blames the niggers

It's simple logic. Anyone with an I.Q. over 3 can tell you it was the Jews because no other ethnicity has the brains to orchestrate a complicated plan that requires more than 3 people to act in conjunction without the assistance of being managed on a person by person basis.

You think the Americans did it? Your a fucking idiot because the USA couldn't keep Bill Clintons sexcapades from making their way out of the White House and into News Papers so what makes you think that they can keep a plan like 9/11 hush hush?

The Arabs? OMG! Shoot yourself for even thinking that. Arabs are one fucking step up from a nigger and have about the same intellectual capacity with their brains focusing only on underage white girls, stealing their neighbors shit and when they will be eating next. To say that the Arabs orchestrated 9/11 is to suggest that America's nigger population somehow went to school, got jobs and took over the US governmentor or are even capable of contiplating something as grandiose as the Theory of Relativity

Irrefutable proof

Jews did 9/11:11\6, I hold IRREFUTABLE PROOF.

Linear time is LIE. Cubic time is TRUTH, you are EDUCATED STUPID, SEE BEYOND.

Man is personified pyramid, 1 corner of time cube, 1 24 hr day. 1/4th of a person. pyramid * 6 equals star of David = the BALANCE = 11:11 = equilibrium in timeSpace. Four 24 hr days, simultaneously, equals 11:11 - 11:11 = natural balance. 6/11 = 11\9 = 9/11:11\6 = cubeless Jews did wtc.

24    6    24
  |11   11|
6 |  (o)  | 6
  | /   \ |
24 man  is 24

Man is but extension of the 9/11:11\6, four corners, four simultaneous 24 hour days. Cubeless god, Jewish god, Jews did 9/11:11\6. I have IRREFUTABLE PROOF. Ignorant dumb asses laugh at me, they do not know. 9/11 tragedy was caused by JEWISH LIE and CONSPIRACY. ZOG means students are EDUCATED STUPID with CUBELESS LINEAR TIME LIE. I have uncovered the truth, the spirit guardians have alerted. 11:11. I DEMONSTRATE IRREFUTABLE PROOF.

  • New York City has 11 letters.
  • Ramsin Yuseb (The terrorist who threatened the Twin Towers in 1993) has 11 letters.
  • "George W. Bush" has 11 letters
  • New York is the State # 11
  • The first plane crushing against the Twin Towers was flight #11
  • Flight # 11 was carrying 92 passengers Adding this number gives us: 9+2=11
  • Flight # 77 who also hit the towers, was carrying 65 passengers Adding this: 6+5=11
  • The tragedy was on September 11, or 9/11. Adding this: 9+1+1=11
  • The date is equal to the emergency number 911. Adding this: 9+1+1=11
  • The total number of victims inside the planes were 254: 2+5+4=11
  • September 11 is day number 254 of the calendar year: 2+5+4=11
  • After September 11, there were 111 days more to the end of the year.
  • The tragedy of 3/11/2004 in Madrid also adds up to: 3+1+1+2+4=11
  • The tragedy in Madrid happened 911 days after the tragedy of the Twin Towers.
  • Jews live for money. Folding a 20 dollar bill reveals a photo of 9/11. 9+11=20




11:11 |       | 11:11
      |       |
11:11 |       | 11:11

911 is also 191 - 9=endings. 11 is balance which takes us to 11:11. 9/11:11\6 = STAR OF DAVID = CUBELESS IDIOT JEWISH GOD DID WTC. JEWS DID WTC; I PRESENT IRREFUTABLE PROOF. THINK.

    _                                              ________
   | \________________________________________    |卐卐卐卐卐
  / --GNAA                                  \_',  |卐卐卐卐卐
 (_______         JEWS - DID - WTC              ) |卐卐卐卐卐
         `-------------------------------------'  |卐卐卐卐卐


Here's what happens when a plane crashes into a skyscraper without explosives planted in the base of it.

Further evidence

Gallery of Truth About missing Pics

CNN report

On January 31, 2007 CNN reported the Jewish coverup of their responsibility for the World Trade Center attacks. Experts on the Jewish conspiracy came out of hiding to speak on Paula Zahn NOW. ED commends CNN for having the bravery to speak out amid the pressure of the Jewish Agenda. YHBT sirs!

But there's no bravery in that, actually. CNN just wants to make some fucking money.


What Happened to Building 7
Pentagon Strike
Evidence that George W. Bush had advanced knowledge of 9-11
Lulzier comments

Previous Video  |  Next Video

CNN's proof in pics About missing Pics

Formal apology

Stephen Colbert has set up a hotline at 1-888-OOPS-JEW (1-888-667-7539) for Jews to call and apologize for doing WTC. Since Jews own the telecom industry, they make money off of every call.

So far, only one Jew, Linda Mack, has apologized - though rumour has it that others wanted to as long as Scientologists paid millions for the exclusive rights to the story of the Holocaust.

Alternatively, an MSN account exists with which Jews can IM and apologize for doing WTC: [email protected]

Jews busy doing WTC
Informing others on InkLink

Iran speaks the Truth, Al-Qaeda's butthurt

Al-Qaeda accuses Iran of 9/11 lie, 22 April 2008:

Al-Qaeda's deputy leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, has blamed Iran for spreading the theory that Israel was behind the 11 September 2001 attacks. In an audio tape posted on the internet, Zawahiri insisted al-Qaeda had carried out the attacks on the US. He accused Iran, and its Hezbollah allies, of trying to discredit Osama Bin Laden's network. Correspondents say the comments underline al-Qaeda's increasing public hostility towards Iran. In a two-hour audiotape posted on an Islamist website, Osama Bin Laden's chief deputy responded to questions posted by al-Qaeda sympathisers. In response to a question about persistent rumours in the Middle East that Israel was involved in the 9/11 attacks, Zawahiri said the rumour had begun on the Hezbollah television station, Al-Manar. "The purpose of this lie is clear - [to suggest] that there are no heroes among the Sunnis who can hurt America as no-one else did in history, he said. "Iranian media snapped up this lie and repeated it."

The Onion's take on 9/11

See also

12:36, 10 April 2006 Jacknstock deleted "JEWS DID WTC" (old meme... <sarcasm>yeah, hilarious</sarcasm>) 4/10. NEVER FORGET.

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