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/JRanger is something said in the City of Heroes forums meaning no. Commonly said to lame ideas in the Suggestions and Ideas section of the forums.

JRanger's avatar.

WTF is a JRanger

JRanger was a poster in the City of Heroes forums who would mainly lurked the Suggestions and Ideas section of the forums. JRanger would search out any and all dumb ideas that were posted there and reply to them only saying "no". Nothing more, nothing less, always without the proper punctuations, and mainly the first reply in a thread. He would always tell why he doesn't like the idea when asked later on, but his first post in the threads were always the same. He quickly became known for this.

First usage

/JRanger was first used by Memphis_Bill on 9/21/07 at 10:23 AM as a reply to someone who said "PB's and Ws's ...blah....Villains dont even have anything...Why not let characters who reach level 50 have the option to begin each new character at lvl 20 , to skip the god awful grind to stamina? Meh??"

History of JRanger

The JRanger motivational poster.

JRanger first started posting on the City of Heroes forums to take part in a flame war that was going on in the Suggestions and Ideas section of the forums. After he got that thread locked he took a break from posting but still poking into threads every now and then to create more flames. This started to happen more and more and quickly got him labeled as a troll. Then one day when writing out a reply to some dumb idea he realized that some ideas just are not worth the effort of a long reply, so he just said "no". After a while whenever he saw a idea that he disagreed with he would just say no. The community quickly forgot about his troll pass and came to love him for his swift nos. On 9/16/07 at 3:28 AM after JRanger hijacked some thread off of the topic of it's original idea and onto the topic of Mudkips. The poster Tidbit_Jr made him a avatar of a Mudkip with the word "NO!" in the top left corner, mixing the two things JRanger lieks the most, Mudkips and saying no. Tidbit_Jr later went on to make him a motivational poster of a Mudkip too.

But where there are fans, there are haters who feel the need to be a lulz killer. Two posters, one by the name of Shiverwraith who would always spell half the words in his post wrong, and when confronted about it he would start crying about how all his fingers are stuck together after he burnt them in a factor. The other by the name of KittyKrusader would make dumb ideas and couldn't handle any criticism and would ignore anyone who disagreed with him. These two posters started notifying any post to the moderator that said no, or states that they disagree with what was being said because they were butthurt their ideas always got no'd.

Then on 9/27/07 at 5:44 PM JRanger was banned by the moderator Ex Libris. She didn't say why but we are led to believe it is because she could't handle dealing with all the stuff Shiverwraith and KittyKrusader were notifying. So rather then telling them to STFU and ban them for spamming her in private messages she banned JRanger when he didn't break any of the rules.

JRanger's long term effect on the forums

Word got out that JRanger was banned, and the whole forums started to worry. He is now gone, removed from them without a warning or reason, who could be the next? If disagreeing or saying /JRanger is now bannable, then they all would have to go too because everyone has done it. Then Ex Libris made a thread titled "Notification to the Community!" were she said "Our moderation team has been placed on high alert" and stated they will be looking the "specific violations" such as

  • +1
  • /jranger
  • LOL
  • no

But she still didn't add that you can get banned for saying those things into the offical rules. Ex Libris also moved the Suggestions and Ideas section of the forums from being part of the Player Help section to being part of the For Fun section. As to officaly announce that any suggestions or ideas someone gives will not be the players helping the developers get good ideas. No real developer reads or listens to the player base, so any ideas given by the players are just for fun anyways. 99% of their ideas are shit to begin with though, so it's now where it belongs.

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