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Just fuck my shit up refers to a series of image macros that started to take the internet by storm in 2015. The background behind the meme is that basically, Brendan Fraser had an alimony settlement of over $900,000 / yr, which lead him to crippling depression, as seen in the picture on the right. Trolls shooped his hair with something more whimsical, and thus the next great meme was born as many people went on to shoop the BTFO look onto other people. Direct references to this meme include the phrases BTFO, and JUST. 4chan trolls like to play a word counting game where they try to successfully speak the phrase "Just fuck my shit up". Rarely does this happen, as the chaotic sociopath wannabes that lurk the chans absolutely hate order and love chaos- hence why they would make fun of a suicidally depressed celebrity. But then again, so does the rest of the world.


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