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Jacob Robida, known on MySpace as Jakejekyll, is a nazi, juggalo, high school droupout and failed serial killer who was suspected of a hatchet-and-gun attack in a Massachusetts gay bar that injured three men, one critically, last Thursday. He also shot and killed a small-town police officer and his 33 year old girlfriend (who he met on the Internets, of course) before he was fatally wounded in a gun battle with police the following Saturday.

Jakejekyll shot the police officer twice during a traffic stop in Gassville, Arkansas. After speeding off, Jakejekyll drove over spike strips set out by state troopers about 25 miles away. He continued to drive with two punctured tires into downtown Norfork. Jakejekyll's car then careened into several parked vehicles to avoid a police barricade. After wrecking his car, Jake shot his girlfriend, killing her. He then started firing at police and they returned fire. Finally, the insane juggalo fatally shot himself in the head.

His fellow nazis and juggaloes expect to meet him in Shangri-La.

Jake's autobiography

Jake Jekyll im an 18yo whiteboy, ImmA be down ImmA be down ImmA down till im dead in the ground. but im also proud of who i am!!14/88!! got something to say about it send me a message(SeveredTorso)

Response from ICP's manager, Alex Abbiss

"Today I'd like to speak out about the incident which took place in New Bedford, Mass. First, I'd like to say that we'd like to extend our condolences to the victims and their families in this tragedy. Our prayers are with you. And with that said, I would now like to address the whole issue. This guy had problems. Anyone going into a bar swinging an axe and shooting a gun would have to realize that they would get caught and/or get killed, and that this would be the last action they took for the rest of their lives, and would clearly have to be insane" (Much like INSANE clown posse) "and out of their mind to do this...in my opinion, the perpetrator of this crime committed these acts not because he was a Juggalo, but because he was a neo-Nazi. He subscribed to an ideology of racism and bigotry, and was quite clearly, in my opinion, out of his mind. Anyone that knows anything at all about Juggalos knows that in no way, shape, or form would we ever approve of this type of bullshit behavior."

Graded Score

Graded score
Kill count: 2/20 Didn't even hit the target
Accuracy: 7/20 4 Injured
Style: 14/20 Targeted a Gay bar
Butthurt: 1/20 Nobody even fucking knows who he is
Bonus: 0/20 YOU GET NOTHING!
Total score: 24/100 (F-)
You are a disappointment to the Aryan brotherhood
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I told u i was hardocre. About missing Pics
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