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Musicians like to JAM on their instruments. This one time, at bandcamp, the firecrotch nympho chick took her flute and JAMMED IT IN her pussy. Lesbians like to take dildos and JAM IT IN other girls.

Jam It In is a meme which spawned from the bowels of /a/, which caught the attention of /b/. The phrase originates from a Hentai doujin based on Fate/stay night called "Platonic Magician H", in the story that involves Saber teaching the main protagonist Shirou how to have sex.

The doujin spawned an additional three memes, Ponos and Vagoo, because censorship gets everywhere and You lost me, because Shirou is a dumbshit virgin who has never heard of sex.

For you sick fucks, the full version of this doujin can be found here on page 18.

The original.

G... G... Gallery! About missing Pics

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