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Info non-talk.png Jamie would appreciate it if you viewed his picture only in the context of his official web site, kthxbye.
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Longstanding newsgroup named for Jamie

Jamie Baillie is a fearless, heroic Internets crime-fighter who will not rest until the Web is completely free of stuff that offends Jamie Ballie. A fat, stupid sack of shit with no life, he's been spamming and trolling the Internets since at least 1995. He creates hueg amounts of hilarious drama by posting freaked-out warnings on newsgroups about things like "don't hit reply because if my name appears in your new post I will sue you," and then is outraged that his name appears everywhere on the internets.

Having devoted his life and career to battling what he deems "High Value Targets", he bravely fights the good fight every day -despite the apparent hypocrisy of fighting (evil?) spam with (good?) spam from his very own "Fortress of Solitude', AKA Darkshado, his poorly designed and overflowing with bullshit site.

Jamie wakes up butthurt every morning and immediately starts in on any site he deems unfit for existence by sending abuse reports to their hosts and demanding that said websites be rounded up, sent to the trains, gassed in the showers, and baked in the ovens. His latest crusade is against the site Niggermania, obviously due to his suppressed hatred towards sites that seek to defend racial minorities, and has spamvertised it over 9000 times on Usenet while continuing to bombard their host with abuse complaints.

Some of the sites he still hasn't taken out -and which he continues to threaten with DMCA lawsuits- are Spamtard, netk00ks, JamieBallie.com, and even our beloved Encyclopedia Dramatica itself.

Recently, a few sites have sprung up to expose Jamie's fucktardedness, yet networks continue to cave in to his demands...one can only attribute this phenomenon to his moral high ground and 1337 debating skillz, not to mention his profound comprehension of internets lol law. Lately, Jamie has resorted to vandalizing this wiki claiming he is in fact a real life internet hero and spam fighter as well as posting network abuse contacts advising ED readers to send complaints to. Somehow in his twisted mind he actually thinks that everyone is conspiring against him in order to tarnish his good name.

Jamie has recently signed up to play an Augmented Reality game called Ingress. He was noticed right away when he started accusing other agents of cheating, stalking, and harassing him, despite repeated attempts to assist him with gameplay. He has even threatened physical violence towards the opposing team if he catches him/her following him, despite the fact that no one was intentionally following him.

Jamie is actually a notorious retard known for his ability to burn ants with the sun by using his huge coke-bottle glasses as a magnifying glass.

It is a known fact that Jamie is a virgin for life and is probably one of the most annoying wannabe trolls on the net.

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