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Jammno telling his sad and terrible emo-story

Jammno is believed to be a World of Warcraft gaming god.

How it all started

Oh no! Dark times are rising while Jammno's teeth watch over from Mordor.

It began when Jammno posted on the high-faggotry levels containing WoW Forums. The image was literally telling people that he has no life, and should be shot on sight. He will pay you any price for getting a girl for him, which is highly unlikely. But, gods get fooled sometimes, as he thinks that he really can get help from the WoW forum that is filled with pimply-faced, maladjusted pre-teens, and there are no girls on the Internets.

Jammno's teeth

With great power comes great responsibility, as they say; So Jammno is forced to suck rock hard dicks to be a great WoW player. Thus, Jammno's teeth are exceptionally horrible. Is there a dentist for WoW gods?


Although being a WoW gaming god, nobody cares about him. His sad life has generated quite high levels of lulz around the Internets. He should get therapy.

Current Whereabouts

Jammno is currently annoying the everliving piss out of the residents of Oceanic realm barthilas, where his claims to greatness generally fall on def ears, since everyone is generally over his inane shit.

Recent (ish) Update

In 2008, Jammno was said to have gone to a salon for a hair cut. Stylist asking what he wanted, he stated "A hair cut that will get me laid." Thus getting highlights and style, apparently got sum a week later.

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Jammno is quite fugly and you will faint if you would see his teeth IRL.
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