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Jasha Lottin is a woman from Oregon who decided one day it would be a fun activity to cut open a horse and climb inside. Naked. And take sexy pictures. She reportedly wanted to feel "at one" with the horse. Jasha later pointed out that she was inspired by the scene in Empire Strikes Back where Han Solo cuts open the tauntaun and has Luke climb inside for warmth.


Jasha initially posted the pics on /b/, showing her doused in blood, and holding up and biting a giant horse heart. In response, Jasha received multiple death threats from /b/'s resident animal rights activists. Jasha claimed the 32 year-old horse in declining health was humanely killed with a single shot to the head with a high powered rifle, which is widely considered the most humane way to put an animal down. She and her boyfriend also harvested and ate the meat of the horse after the photo shoot. The police were called in but didn't press any charges, since she didn't commit any crime.

I had no idea why people cared.


—Jasha Lottin

The story attracted some attention in the mainstream media, fanning the flames of outrage. Any article that discussed the story had to be prefaced with "WARNING: The video and pictures in this story could be disturbing to some viewers," even though any pictures shown were censored (even blurring everything but her face). Grow up, America.

and I thought they smelled bad... on the outside. About missing Pics
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