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Tell my mom she can have my TV and that I love her


—Jasmine Richardson, who gets free HBO in prison

Fuck you, I'm a werewolf, Rawr!!


—Jeremy Steinke, preparing for the next full moon

Jasmine Richardson is a 13 year old girl who knifed her family in the name of the Worldwide Furry Conspiracy. At 13, she is the youngest killer in Canuckistan and was a regular user of the super cereal emo-gangbang known as Vampirefreaks. Besides being a Goff and getting stuck in the hole for a decade, she is also the hottest piece of JB to commit murder EVAR. Apparently, she killed her family for the lulz and to get with her boyfriend, Jeremy Steinke who was 23. Rumors indicate that Sean O'Neill has already prepared for Jasmine a $9000 a month contract with Suicide Girls to be their head pinup, right beside Nazi superwoman RAPE BLOSSOM. She has declined to comment upon whether or not she will take Pimpmaster Sean up on this offer.

The Aftermath

Jeremy on a full moon

The judge sentenced Jasmine for 1st degree IRL permabannage to the fullest extent of the lol for a minor, which means 10 solid years of Pruno and hairy-lipped cunnilingus from Tori Sue Heck's extended family. It is unknown whether or not the fursuits will be considered contraband or allowed for conjugal visits. Steinke was also a flaming HIV infected homosexual. He had sex with niggers all the time. That is why the sick fuck would molest a child like Jasmine.

Trivia and Conjecture

Welcome to my tragic end
  • Over 9000 Jews were absent from Israel when Jasmine did the deed. Mossad conspiracy? You decide.
  • Jasmine's name was Jasmine, while the werewolf's name was Jeremy. They both start with J! Coincidence? You decide.
  • Charlie ManSON - Jasmine RichardSON - Jeremy is some guy's SON. Coincidence? You decide.
  • Jasmine's nexopia account ended the same day she killed her family. Coincidence? You decide.
  • She has not yet become an hero.
  • Released from prison in 2011, Jasmine is currently attending Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta.

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