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He is the first celebrity to leave Scientology and publicly discuss his involvement and then disillusionment with the group. He made it to OT V on Scientology’s “Bridge to Total Freedom” and discovered the best way to get free was to get up and walk out the door.



How do I got driven crazy by Sec Checks?

Jason Beghe is the first Hollywood celebrity to leave the Church of Scientology and denounce them to the world. In April 2008 he gave an interview to Wise Beard Man which cause a veritable shit tsunami of squarking, flapping, drama and butthurt from the Scilons and resulted in XenuTV's channel being pulled from YouTube the day before it was due to be uploaded. The interview is funny, genuinely interesting and creepy as hell.

Beghe recounts how he has always been antisocial, was desperate to understand other people, didn't like to be hugged as a kid, would stare into the mirror at age six shouting "WHO ARE YOU?" and frequently bellows "JOHNNY FIVE NEED INPUT!" "GIVE ME THE DATA! GIVE ME THE FUCKING DATA!"

Bravely admitting that his high levels of unwarranted self-importance and Asperger's Syndrome (and if this guy's not an Asperger's sufferer then he's the greatest actor in the fucking world) made him a prime mark for the Church cult, he starts off relatively calm. By a bare third into the interview he is entertainingly turning the air blue and yelling "IT'S RETARDED!" which is something Anon really should be putting on their placards for the next Chanology raid.

An Interview with a motherfucker

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Words from this motherfucker

There are moments where you just feel a loss. And it's not a loss of 'I miss Scientology' by any stretch of the imagination...it's a regret of having invested so much in something that is empty.


—Beghe has a moment...of pure pwnage

Motherfucker Marches on Hamburg to CRUSH Scilons

Du ta Jason Beghe's dicksnmothlexia caused by $cientology hez HEIL LULZ be wrong sided and missin 4 fingers

Ursula Caberta puts Epic butthurt on Scilons wit Jason Be Gay flying to Germany to give a speech on the CULT. Az u see in the pic to the right, Jason neds major work and practice with he Heil Lulz so Ursula has arranged for Jason to attend her special training camp for dipshit challenged Asperger's Syndrome moralfags to learn a proper HEIL!

Ursula Caberta's Heil lulz specal porgam

WOW! im doin mush better, heil lulz!


Author - Jason Be Gay

Motherfucker owns some Scilons

Motherfucker Shows Support On May 10th in San Francisco


Tom Cruise responds to the utter pwnage administered by Mr. Beghe.

Let me tell you something, Jason. This whole thing has really hurt. Really hurt. Not only did I have to get my thetan levels checked, but this whole controversy almost ruined Suri’s birthday week. She turned two Friday! And I made her! With Katie! By having sex!


—Tom Cruise

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