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Jassa is a mammoth fatass, best known for The BOOBIES!! Project on LiveJournal. He succeeds in regularly pissing off anyone who subscribes to the various syndicated feeds on LJ.

The BOOBIES!! Project

the icon

Last Thursday, under the journal Lj-favicon.png jassa Lj-favicon.png jassalol, Jassa posts the phrase BOOBIES!! in a syndicated feed as a "response" or "demonstration" against people who spam with such things as "FIRST POST!!!111". This has happened on every post, on every thread, without fail, for twenty-eight months, proving that Jassa is, in fact, a gigantic basement dweller with nothing better to do.

The main rules for 'BOOBIES!!':

  1. It's always spelt the same way. BOOBIES!!. No exceptions.
  2. No extra text in the comment.
  3. It must be posted within 24 hours of the feed/community update, on every feed/community update (or the main update, in the case of some feeds).
  4. All BOOBIES!! posts must be made with a variant of the "Drunken Whore" icon.


Having a bunch of retarded noobs tear their sweaty hands away from their cocks to get FIRST POST!!!OMGZORS!!11' is perfectly acceptable to the larger LiveJournal community. Apparently someone posting BOOBIES!! isn't. Responses to BOOBIES!! have been mixed. Some are inspired by Jassa's persistence, while others write tl;dr diatribes against him about how the post is ruining the "intellectual discussion" of the feed. Bear in mind that the syndicated feeds that Jassa posts on are for comics that are either horribly obscure or incredibly stupid. Jassa has managed to evoke the craving for drama that 99% of LiveJournal lusts for with the simple post of "BOOBIES!!"

All this would be fine, except that Jassa, as a minor demon of annoyance, generates deadly rays of anti-lulz. If you should find him in your LJ wanderings, coat him in lead and throw him into the ocean.


Jassa stopped spamming "BOOBIES!!" in late March 2008. He probably died IRL.

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