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This is Jcterminal, do not be fooled by his cuteness. He's fucking evil.
Sometimes looking like this, he's been compared to Grape Ape, but with no talent, clumsy in the sack, and constantly beating up children.

My name is Brian Napier, I'm from Fayetteville Arkansas, and I LOVE the cock.


Jcterminal has been described as a sociopath, a brutal monster, and an attention whore. Turn back now, because there are no lulz to be found here. As a matter of fact, it might be best to unplug your computer, set it on fire, and drop kick it up your own ass before this article gives you herpes. His shameless self promotion will end up killing your children in the resulting chaos. For serious, your flesh will instantly rot right off of your goddamned face.

Currently, he has polluted the internet with a series of failed business ideas, and his reputation of being a troll has gotten so out of control, he is constantly blocked from user's websites before his arrival "just in case". He is likened to a great explorer, a virtual pioneer (dying of dysentry) discovering that the internet is a killing field full of crying babies and perpetually menstruating women, and he is a evil clown with a loaded machine gun and a manpurse full of dead babies.

The LJDrama Days

Award-winning image from LJDrama, used at least a dozen times, inappropriately.

Jcterminal initially began with LiveJournal Review, but after mere minutes of sifting through the garbage, he found greener pastures. Starting out with LJDrama as a sporadic contributor, he accomplished a few notable, yet useless things. He actually disposed of rotting bloated corpses for Girlvinyl in exchange for a chance to get into her pants, back when she lived in the Atlanta area. He once free-style rapped with Quasidan at a "Pirates Vs. Ninjas" party, back before freestyle or the "pirates vs. ninjas" meme was even invented. He also once tried to shove his love cannon deep inside Hepkitten, but ended up getting raped by jameth and futhman while Samia watched in the corner, crying. More famously, he supplied kinky girlie art for Scarlet, and was rewarded by a FedEx package which contained Scarlet's Penis in a Jar.

Back when DevianTART was Good (lulz).

Being one of the first (pre-beta even) users of Deviantart (Aug 18, 2000), he also became one of the first users to be Permabanned (Wed Jun 27, 2001). He was reviled as "greatest villian on DA" for honest constructive criticism (i.e, trolling), mourning the death of the "community" (i.e, complaining about the sudden increase of drones), and demanding accountability of the administration (i.e, "wtf is with all of these ad banners?!?"). The final straw was using the word black person in reaction to the legion of pre-teens who fell in love with the word faggot. The official press release from DA was that he was banned for pointing out that the administration enjoyed raping black children.

Gaming Sites Nobody Cares About

He was one of the first members of Shacknews.com to be permabanned for causing the administration to double the list of rules in their draconian "user guidelines" by constantly pointing out poor TOS guidelines. His constant griefing became so bad that for years he was constantly referred to in their moderator's private boards with a mixture of fear and awe. He was also mentioned in the 'leaked' copy of the private shacknews moderation board: [1],[2],[3].

At first, he became a member of Stoofoo.net, a site created for people banned from Shacknews.com. Shortly thereater, he became the first to be permabanned from Stoofoo.net, for making the administrator cry so hard it made his Wendy's Triplestack soggy. In reaction to this, he ended up becoming a member of the ill-fated hive of dongs and faggotry known as Squabble.org, in which he maintained a semi-serious and demi-intimate quasi-gay relationship with an hero known as Klerck.

Shortly after Kevin's suicide, he became one of the first and only users of Squabble.org to be permabanned, for making the administrator's head collapse from the sheer weight of his own incompetence. For clarification, he was banned from a site made for people who have been banned from another site for being an asshole. Then banned from a site made for people that were banned from a site for people banned from... fuck, now I'm confused. He's an asshole, FTW.

The Plague of Livejournal

Still an active l-user of Livejournal, he is currently on his 3rd eljay profile. He has been banned from an epic number of various livejournals, as well as over two dozen livejournal communities, and a few irc servers, mostly by trying to help people be less stupid (fucking ingrates). Notables are "goth_macros" for making fun of goths, "tasteless_jokes" for being too tasteless, "people_are_stupid" for saying people are stupid, and "bad_porn_2" for pointing out one of the mods was a BBW model for one of the most heinous websites on the planet. No seriously, ever see a stack of raw, thick-cut, sweaty porkchops have sex with another stack? It's enough to make one's cock dry-heave.

He's also been accused of causing a camwhore or two to kill themselves, but he has yet to receive any medals for his work.

He's been known to create massive threads in random places about shit nobody cares about, such as rennies, furries, wiccans, sub-cultures I desperately want to be a part of (WHY CAN'T YOU LOVE ME?!?) and Scarlet's Penis in a Jar.

After receiving 3 separate cease and desist letters from livejournal's fabulous Team America, a few years later he was awarded with an eljay shirt, (almost) directly from rahaeli.

He's a member of the infamous ban_set_list, of course.

Misc. Notables

Current Activities

Pics of his ex-girlfriend (a prolific harry potter slashfic author) has been leaked onto the internet.

For few days, Brian Napier, of Fayetteville Arkansas has been defacing this page, trying to prevent the spread of the lulz. But the admins realized he was a fucking crybaby, so they banned him. That's right. I fucking said it. Brian Napier is a fucking crybaby.

He's actually Meelk's dad. Via rape. Which would explain why Meelk loves screaming 'rape' all the time, and why Meelk hates niggers. (Fact: jcterminal is black.)

On Thanksgiving Day, 2008, he assassinated weev, just to watch him die.

Attempting to kill off one forced meme every morning during breakfast.

He's possibly a member of bantown. Gin makes a man mean. And forgetful.

jcterminal is preparing for the lulzapocolypse.

Rumour has it jcterminal has retired from trolling.

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