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Jdsonic, (David) is a mid-40's ball-less Canuk from Oliver, B.C. who likes to write libelous hate blogs on the internets. He also enjoys issuing death threats to people and is an alleged child abuser. According to the mother of his youngest child, enjoys "lolis". His "professional" name is "JDSonic", but on The Promised Land, he is known by the idiotic moniker, "The Chaosmaster".

Douglas, a former reporter for Canada's Channel 18 public access cable TV station PersonaTV, and former WHA Director of Business Operations for the Osoyoos Spurs, is now a welfare recipient and bitter has-been pining away for the glory days, according to Dana Scofield, the mother of his youngest child and target of some of his most hateful blogs.


Internet Tough Guy

Douglas fancies himself an Internet Tough Guy. He claims he can have "Hells Angels" come to your house to deal with you. He will also call your job and attempt to get you fired or call the workplace of your loved ones to harass them. He is the leader of an E-gang of lulz cows called the "Shape Shifters", which originated on the Promised Land (livevideo.com). According to Douglas, his Shifters are "The cure for this viral world". If you've never heard of the Shape Shifters before, fear not; Although Douglas is under the delusional notion that his E-gang is kicking ass and taking names on the interwebs, no one outside of The Promised Land has ever heard of them. Some of his Shifter characters have opened channels on Youtube, to a resounding... meh. Douglas' bad-ass E-gang of dipshits are actually a handfull of channels Douglas mostly runs himself, then allows a "Shifter" to use if his well worn prison rape ass is kissed enough.

The Shape Shifters

Shape Shifters give themselves scary names like Douglas' handle "Chaosmaster", and use Shape Shifter "badges" to identify themselves. Shape Shifters are known for stealing videos off of Youtube and X-Box 360 games and do shitty "mash-ups" that make no sense, except to other Shifters. They use these mash-ups to attack other users on livevideo.com. They also have their own Ning site: http://alivevideo.ning.com/. "Shape Shifters" don't get too much attention on Youtube, where it is more difficult to artificially inflate their views there than it is on a ghetto website like livevideo.com. Very few Shifter videos appear on Les Tubes, as stricter DMCA rules prevent them from stealing their material from other users. Shape Shifters in general, and Douglas in particular don't create; they emulate. And outright steal shit too; in other words, they are a group of unoriginal bitches.

Douglas and his other Shifters continually comment on their own videos. Since Douglas has control of all the Shifter channels, the shameless asshat usually does all the commenting. As seen in the thumbnail, dumbfuck forgets to change screen names, and agrees with himself in the comments to his own blog!

Stolen Video (One of Many

For example, Douglas, the self-touted broadcast professional is completely clueless when it comes to differentiating from the Fair Use provision of copyright law, and just stealing shit and slapping his "JDsonic" Canada white boy rap moniker on appropriated material. On December 30, 2008, "Testes-No_Mas" (as he's known on LV by people who refuse to buy into his ghey Shifter silliness) Douglas posted a video called "A Lion's Luv" which he took full credit for, as its author.


The video in question that was stolen by Douglas, was "Christian the Lion"


Douglas graciously accepted the kudos on this video from the people commenting. Not once did he acknowledge that this video is not his, in replies to comments, or the video's description, or even a disclaimer before or after the video. In fact, he had the gall to add "JDSonic Presents" at the end of the stolen video, alone with a short home movie at the end. To add to this cuntrag's douchebaggery, he actually complained that it is not featured on the main page of The Promised Land! A blog exposing the ball-less thief went up immediately, and days later, Douglas had to save face and include the proper copyrighted information as to who actually made the video.

No Balls

Douglas suffers from pangs of inadequacy due to "Little Dick" Syndrome. But what really fuels his psychopathic rage is the fact that he indeed, has no balls. Douglas lost his testicles to cancer shortly after the birth of his youngest daughter, and suffers bi-polar mood swings when he is not taking his hormone meds due to the loss of said man grapes. It's obvious he lost his job at Persona TV due to these emotional outbursts. Unlike his fellow testicle-less countryman Tom Green, Douglas has achieved zero success in his life. Like Tom Green, though, you should troll the Fuck out of Douglas and let him know that he's unfunny and untalented.

Daughter Drama

Douglas is also an abject coward who will not face the people he hates directly. Instead, he'll attempt to contact loved ones of the people he hates on. Douglas justifies this behavior by falsely accusing people of "attacking" his youngest daughter. Basically, Douglas reasons this "opens the door" to anyone else s loved ones to be attacked. So far, he has accused four different livevideo.com users of "attacking" his youngest child, two year old Cyenna. The first, was user "TheBoogieMan" on livevideo.com, on June 13, 2008. Below is a bulletin "TheBoogieMan" posted, warning livevideo users of this dangerous character. Note the implied death threat below:


Ask yourself, people: If you had evidence that someone on the internet issued a threat to your minor child, would you report it, or sit on it for a year so you could continually rant and rave about it? Douglas likes to keep this complete falsehood alive, so he can justify his impotent hate.

Just to underscore what a pathetic douchebag this guy is, Douglas has written blogs as his two year old daughter Cyenna, crying about "her" drug abusing and racist mother. Won't little Cyenna be proud of Daddy when she's old enough to read what "she" wrote about Mommy?


Douglas also has no shame when it comes to him commenting on his own videos on Youtube, as "Cyenna"

Cyenna yt video where "cyenna" comments: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6XfcSMWmQQ

Baby Momma Drama

The mother of Cyenna alleges Douglas engages in rampant sexual abuse of his children and step children. Douglas refers to her by many names, one being "HepC Ho" In this blog, he says she gave him Hep C:


Speculation continues as to whether Douglas' children contracted Hep C after he sexually abused them. In the following video, we see that Douglas films his oldest daughter in her short-shorts. Note how the camera plays up and down her body, like a pedo producer filmed her, and not her father.


More Links to Drama

Yes, this guy is a hot mess and drops lulz bombs and death threats pretty much everywhere he goes.

The Official Shape Shifter Live Show on livevideo.com, starring David Douglas/Chaosmaster. For added fun, listen toward the end as the ball-less Hep C child abuser drops his embarassingly fake "Georgia" drawl!.

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