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Jeff Hardy aka The Charismatic Enigma aka Enigmatic Soul aka Rainbow Haired Warrior aka Jeffro aka Meth Hardy aka Itchweed is an Americunt Pro-wrestler and now amateur untalented rockstar who is now rasslin' in TNA after getting the banhammer from the WWE for using drugs and burning his house after snorting coke while listening to John Cena's hardcore rap.

Jeff is know as a "High flyer" because he likes to jump off tall shit and also because he is a meth addict. He left the WWE for awhile because he took some time off to live in a crack den. He's leaving again because he needs more crack in his system and Vinnie Mac has a problem with drugs in the WWE now. Like last Thursday 2008, Jeff's meth lab exploded in his North Carolina home. It killed his dog Jack (who was named after their favorite hobby). Lots of people were sad because he didn't die in the fire, only his fuck buddy.

Jeff is really great at letting losers feel good about themselves. That fact alone has made him a multi millionaire. Most of Jeff's fans are retards, Basement Dwellers, goths, little kids, furries, juggalos, Marks, Sloth from Goonies and Club Kids. Contrary to their own beliefs, none of his fans have lives.

Many of Jeff's fans over the age of 12 have cut themselves and cried when he lost any of the belts he's won. Fans under 12 just like his bright colors and to shit their pants.

He claims to be an artist, but if you look at his art, you'll see he's full of shit. He built a volcano in his front yard, then jumped it on an MX bike. He also turned his backyard into a replica of the Grand Canyon.

He also makes quality music with his band, Peroxwhy?gen. It could possibly be the greatest band ever in the history of the world that isn't JRock. Jeff always says "Only fags like me and Creed have talent".

Early Life

Born in the good ol' Negro-hating South, Jeffro was born in Cameron, North Carolina, one of the many crack-babies born in that state. Born to a failure of a dad and a mom dead by cancer, Jeffro and his older, more talented brother Matt left their house in order to become teh illest rockstars. Instead they became pussy-ass jobbers and spent years taking it in the ass from the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. Sad how a family native to a state where niggers and spics are outlawed fell to the cruel clutches of life so fast.

Career In Rasslin'

Jeff's attire consists of purple makeup, eyeliner and his own blood to make his opposing enemies scared. Instead, it makes him look like a giant crossdresser, bringing much lulz to his opponents. Even worse, states outside North Carolina allow black ex-convicts to wrestle (and we all know niggers don't have girlfriends, they rape them), Jeff is always victim to suprise buttsechs when fighting nigras such as Booker T and Bobby Lashley Black Lesnar.


Unsurprisingly, Jeff, who hails from Dixieland, home of the illiterate incestous red-neck Jews, loves to put his already mangled body into TEH X-STREAM to get moar fanbase not knowing that the world of rasslin is full of dead carny assholes who decided to make a career by risking their bodies flying through the top ropes and getting PWNED by a fag holding a chair to the head. The late greats include:

The bottom line is that watching Jeff make aerial moves alone is like giving an emo a sharp blade: we know what's going to happen next. The fact that Jeff himself was born to an incestous family, to a mother PWNED at life due to cerebral cancer, you don't have to be Nostradamus himself to predict the accidents this methhead will face in the future.

Fired & TNA

Jeff liked the idea that TNA doesn't look down upon people who have criminal records (like Kurt Angle who stalked a nigress and was arrested with steroids afterwards). So now he's sucking dick there until he finally gets convicted for his over 9000 drug charges and gets a tag team run with Bubba.


Overly concerned fan who thinks she and Hardy are OMG BFF!!!1!!!one!!


Off the top-rope... About missing Pics
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