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The famous picture in all its poorly photoshopped glory even though the original image wasn’t the real deal that got shopped into what we have today.

Jeff the Killer was a creepypasta story from 2011 that rapidly gained popularity before quickly coming to be considered the worst creepypasta ever. The story itself starts off incredibly boring, and the ending gradually escalates quickly than you would expect. This fact clearly became apparent to the original writer about midway through. Thus in a desperate attempt to salvage the heaping pile of shit that they called their work of art, the writer wasted no time in derailing the entire tale down a less civilized route. It's not known who wrote this story, but it is widely regarded to undoubtedly be the brilliant creation of a Boy Scout mastermind. This story is certainly the stuff of legendary campfires and spooky slumber parties. The story has long since been removed from the creepypasta wiki but if you want to experience it in all it's lulzworthy glory click this link.

Theories as to its origin

For a while there were many theories about the origins of the Jeff the Killer story/picture/character/erotic fanfiction, ranging from incredibly stupid to "that is so batshit insane how the hell could anyone even think of it". These theories include:

  • It was viral marketing for Saw V.
  • It was photoshopped picture of the Overly Attached Girlfiend meme (the pictures literally looks fucking nothing at all like each other and the JTF picture pre-dates OAG by a good 7 years, how could anyone think thi-oh wait this theory came from 4chan never mind).
  • It was a photoshopped picture of some chick named Katy Robinson who killed herself after a bunch of people called her fat or some shit. (This is the most famous theory and one people still believe. It fact it was so famous that Encyclopedia Dramatica, a wiki well known for its accuracy and intelligent writing took it as true. There's 1 problem though: Katy Robinson's not fucking real and never has been. The picture everyone says is Katy actually belongs to a still living girl named Heather White. You'd think the fact that there was literally no mention of Katy on the internet outside of posts talking about the JTK picture's origins would have tipped people off but this is the fucking internet we're talking about, what did you expect?)
  • Some veterans and elders beyond /x/ determined the photoshopped picture was of some creepy attention-seeking sperg whore on Stickam back around 2005, known for being very shy and typically psycho towards underage men whom showed her their cock and balls. Some say they exposed her back in the day by making her show them her hideous fat tits and clit; and others, they recieved pics and drawings from this fatty.
    • One was of her in full shot with her family members, she was wearing a sweater and one elderly channer said her body looked like a fucking pear.
    • One oldie said she showed him her drawing of animals, and this one shitty children-style drawing of her favorite future husbando with glasses on and without a shirt. Nonetheless, it turned her on for some reason anyway.
    • Another selfie depicted her, article pic related, in a dark room, revealing a big smile showing her hideous stinky crooked chompers and big gums. Considering the fact that her face was all white from the shitty monitor light, she looked kind of creepy in the photo which led to a /b/tard steal it and retardingly post it on /b/, pretending to be her by the time she start camming. In the captions, the impersonator wrote: "Am i pretty?". This led everyone to brutally photoshop her face, altering it into what we have today labelled as "Jeff the Killer". Some say it could be the girl, but to most trolls on 4chan, we never really know. One oldfag said that she was camming on other sites, but she likely didn't give a fuck to what 4chan is about. The photo of the "girl" was said to be uncropped or cropped, but we cannot confirm any of this yet.

The REAL story of Jeff the Killer

One day in 2008, some retard on Newgroundsnamed Sesseur (then known as Killerjeff) was trying to make a spoopy meme like Slender Man in order to get internet famous. So what did was come up with a shitty OC, take a picture that had been circulating on the web since 2005 and started lying to anybody who'd listen to him that he made it himself and it was totally a 'shopped picture of a latex mask he made and conviently lost. (In reality, it's a photoshop of some lazy-ass psycho autistic Stickam whore, what do you fucking expect from this?)

At first Jeff was a shitty Bloody Mary rip off instead of a shitty Joker rip-off but that soon changed in this lazily made video obviously made in Windows Movie Maker that he posted to his channel later that year (note: this is a re-upload since rabid Jeff the Killer fangirls false flagged his channel until it was taken down because they thought he was ripping off JTK. Let that sink in: JTK fangirls seriously thought a video from 2008 ripped off a story from 2011. Really says something about the creepypasta fandom doesn't it?)


Despite creating an elaborate backstory and universe for his character (no seriously, you can read all about it in the comments section of his Deviantart page) his attempt to make a meme failed miserably and nobody gave a single flying fuck about Jeff until another retard whose identity is still unknown to this day completely stole Sessuer's characters, wrote their own shitty backstory and then posted it on the Creepypasta Wiki where it unfortunately blew up in popularity and became THE Jeff the Killer story in everyone's minds before the wiki finally realized what a Goddamn unholy piece of shit it was and deleted it.

From Jewgrounds, Jeff the killer made it onto Jewtube and /x/. And the rest, as we say, is history.

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