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Animejeffy (or jeffchao) is a anime faggot and retard who goes from board to board attempting to gain friends through claims that nobody on the internet likes him and everyone wants him to leave, this being true. However AnimeJeffy tries to use it to trick people into liking him with the end result being hate. He is obsessed with being accepted and will flip out on a dime. He claims to, alternatingly, have Asperger's Syndrome and/or Autism, two well-known Internet Diseases. There is evidence to support his having these diseases, the real ones, however he likes to use these as a crutch to incite a "pity party" routine, due to his insistence on spreading the word about Autism Awareness, evidenced by his apparent need to post links to Autistic Asslicker Websites all over his profile, and everything he touches on the god-damned interwebs. He has also refused treatment several times, which has resulted in his deterioration ninto insanity amd his current level of forced isolation. He only has himself to blame.


Jeffy somehow thinks deleting lj posts does something

The pain series

animejeffy's whining and rants were first discovered by Sumgai. Who quickly began to ruin his LJ with Pain Series and Avatar Pron. The butthurt AnimeJeffy soon found his LJ in ruins believing it to be the work of Hackurs and the "Anti Aspergers Awareness League" he quickly deleted the posts and posted a follow up, it was lulz. He quickly deleted that post a day later only to replace it with a slightly less lulz filled post which would in the end be deleted.

BONUS! : Another person to receive this ass hats cries for attention was none other then "Nick Boyd". Shit with nick started when Jeffrey decided he did not like the commissioned work of a costume. Instead of thinking on this logically, he goes into the whole "OMG your doing this to me because i have ass burgers syndrome and i am special" But wait it gets better... Not content with seeking attention (as always) he goes on to say "MY MOMMY HAS FRIENDS IN CITY HALL, WE CAN SUE" in which is utter BULLSHIT, i have seen that woman and her house, needless to say, i have seen better crack houses (and whores) in Detroit!


The Adult Swim Message Board

Not satisfied, Sumgai followed AnimeJeffy into the Adult Swim Message Board where AnimeJeffy had posted many lulz. Many fgts began to flood the topic with anime bullshit. A few heroic denizens of ED took up the mantle of the warrior when Sumgai called them into battle, and began to fuck with AnimeJeffy's shit. During the battle, Cayde was bestowed the great honor from the ASMB moderator staff, of being banned for the offense of being a "jeff troll".

Jeff remains on the board despite harrassment towards other members, nonsensical banter, and conspiracy theories aplenty. As a huge anime fan, Jeff believes that all comedy fans and even the management of Adult Swim itself are against anime and secretly want to stop showing it. He will also misinterpret innocent comments, whether or not they are directed at him as being an attack against him and Asspies in general. As well, because he is an Asspie, the mods consider him incapable of doing anything wrong, allowing to post his baww and butthurt wherever he pleases.

A typical Jeff topic, where he claims that Russian countries are stealing information from the boards. When questioned about it, he typically claims that people are attacking his bawwtism rather than the fact that THE TOPIC MAKES NO GODDAMN SENSE and he is batshit insane.

Sakura Con

Jeffrey has been (trying) to attend Sakura con almost ever year. this would not be funny if not for the fact he always seems to somehow get his ass kicked out within the first two hours. Some Lulz include:

In 2003 : stalking two girls he hardly knew, claiming they loved him and that they understood him.

in 2004 : makes the first (of many) false reports against Nick Boyd, ending in him being escorted by police.

in 2005 : Calling all the Sakura Con board members lazy ass burger hating whores, to their faces...smooth.

in 2006 : ANOTHER false report against Nick boyd. and to make matter more Lulz, Sakura con takes Jeff and another guy to court and gets a restraining order! something Jeff could never do, as police grew wise to this acts.

in 2007 : rumor has it he did not start one inch of pity, and blended in with the crowd...uh, can i call BULLSHIT again? or do i need a lulz permit?

(starting to see a pattern here?)

then... animejeffy attended an anime convention in 2008 and went batshit insane, and was banned forever.

In the following 2007 LJ post, AnimeJeffy reveals his apparent hatred of "Nick Boyd" and foreshadows the events that have taken place at Sakura Con 2008.

A Reminder from 1 week from today...
Mar. 31st, 2007 03:08 am
Current Mood: determined

Will be attending Sakura Con, now this is also on the reasons I want to meet not just the insiders but also bring one of my good friends(which I will not name) to this con, as well as with my Brother just case a certian someone who had slandered me 6 months ago decides to attack me and get badily hurt because I am not suppose to attend Sakura Con,

And yes Nick Boyd, that is YOU, I want to make a reminder that my brother is comming with me, try to talk him in trying to go against me and I'll have my mom on the phone, plus a Restraining Order will also be in effect after the Con,

Besides that Nick, I do NOT want you slandering me then you already have, you have already made me loose all of my friends at Sakura Con and have them betrey me, and you Nick will be the one who will get that restraning order, because I can't tolerate your crap anylonger, send an Email to me for more slandering after reading this, and I'll have Daniel Harasson have a look at the Email, because violance and harassement are NOT the things to do at a Convention, and it has been 3 Years since I have been to Sakura Con, I want to try to get my trust back, as well as my respect, and make sure I have a fun time at the con this Saturday, thank you.

Besides if I am in costume I figure the others will likely be impressed with it, and I want to make sure I get that kind of respect Nick.,

And here is the LJ post from the next year:

Mar. 30th, 2008 12:13 am
Current Mood: sad

Attention to everyone on LJ,

It is offcial, just since tonight I was taken away from Sakura Con with a permanent ban, I have now offcially been called phyco, I say this because I went out of control in the staff room, and in turn started hurting myself in the worst way possible, as a result I am offcially leaving LJ for 3 months due to the fact my uncontrolled disablity and emotion had led me to this, as well as Breaking my Girlfriends heart named Alison, to severe verbal thrashing at Ashleigh(mert_kuromiko), as a result Dan Harrasion has thrown me out of the con and gone extremely pissed off because of it,

As a Result Sakura Con has Perma Banned me from it due to the uncontrolled mental condition I was in, and now I have become the lowest of low lifes on the planet, and now I am going to be going in for medication treatment on Monday knowing Dan Harrasion had requested this issue to be urgent in order to protect the convention and the people of Washington state,

And one more thing if you wish to remove me, do it now, because what I did at an Anime Convention was illegal and I am now a person who should never talked to again,

Good bye for now...

Here is his comment:

From: animejeffrey
2008-03-30 08:29 pm (UTC)

Well the fact is, I ruined a convcention, I falsely reported Nick Boyd, and now Sakura Con's Staff and the Con Chir are about to issue legal issues on me and my brother, right now as it speaks my girlfriend is not even talking to me now, and the fact is, that is because I tried to ruin a convewntion because of just a few people.

Oooo! ANOTHER BONUS! not only did he make a false report, but then goes into "i have ass burgers and i am an hero" mode by bashing his head against the wall, saying he made a mistake and he needs to change... (NOT!)... the funny part in all this? all the staff members in the room gave not an ounce of damn, ha!

From all this evidence, we can assume that animejeffy has some kind of issues with Mr. Boyd, and has threatened to tell his mommy on him and get a restraining order. Also, notice how he makes a formal announcement about quitting LJ for 3 months, and then comes back 8 hours later to leave a comment. On his own LJ, no less. All we can say right now is please pity the girls mentioned above, Ashleigh and Alison. They have suffered through so much because of him. Asperger's Disorder is no excuse for his behavior. From what Ashleigh herself admitted back as Sakuracon, she has the same mental illness as Jeffrey, but unlike him, she has taken control, and now contributes to society, unlike this douche bag.

MOAR Lulz?

This idiot shot his mouth off to a pair of nigga's. end result was his ass getting beat (and being taken to hospital) and having his cheap $10 go phone jacked. Guess they did not buy the "leave me be, I have a condition, and you must have been sent by nick boyd" speech

WARING WARNING WARNING! This faggot seems to have slept with enough man whores to hire a couple internet goons to do his Shitty internet work, flame this man bitch!

Much like a chameleon, he keeps on-guard against Nick Boyd by pointing his eyes in different directions.

This dumb ass just never learns, and never will. Die in a fire plox.

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