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He looks like a fucking faggot too, assuming this is an actual picture.

Jejejeje823, otherwise known by dozens of other names (see his fucking huge list of alternate/puppet accounts in the external links below) is a TARTlet who is vying for coveted title as DA's undisputed edgelord. The self proclaimed Islamophile of dA, Je spends most of his times posting what he seems to think is witty commentary on Da. Most of that being anti-police, anti-government, anti-Nazi, anti-Israel, and pro-Islam. The only thing is Je uses the term Nazi to describe anyone and anything he doesn't like. Naturally, people point this out and contradict him via debate. In typical TARTlet fashion he blaaaaaaaaaaaawks people.

Also he is known to contradict his anti-government and anti-censorship stance by blocking people he disagrees with and sucking the dicks of DA admins to get people with different opinions banned. As of recently, Jejejeje has been getting rektd by a furfag, nigger, fascist, and liberal all having their way with him in a back ally.

This was the end result after they were done in the alley.

When his edgy anti-brony schlick didn't cut it for him, he instead turned to politics with hard left views. Despite hating Nazis, he obsesses over a group that collaborated with the Nazis and feels a sense of solidarity with them.

After meeting his match in the form of DeviantArt's real political community, he soon felt the need to begin making dozens upon dozens of alternate accounts to make it seem as though there are more of him (i.e, make it seem as if he has any friends), he seems to compulsively make new accounts, but thankfully they are easy to identify. Whenever he is found out, he denies the connection in the most cliché of ways ("Jejejeje823 who?"). On many of his accounts, especially sootyjared, he goes on about his troubles in life (eating disorders, insomnia, the list goes on) to try to gain pity, despite also bragging about supposedly killing people, having sex all the time, etc. He has a strange set of views that are often times contradictory. For example he claims to be for anarchy as a member of Antifa yet support the E.U as a superstate, he brags about killing cops and fighting the police yet has a habit of claiming he will report users on Devinatart to the police for varying reasons ranging from not supporting political parties he likes to saying mean things to him, and claiming to be an atheist/Satanist depending on his edge factor yet only hates Christians while trying brush aside Islamic conservatism at best or condone it at worst. It is unknown if he is trolling or really just retarded but evidence and him admitting on one account to being autistic points to the tard theory and also gives a reason why abortions are needed.

On a less important, but still amusing note, Jejejeje823 is a male, as evidenced from his now-deleted Youtube videos. However, he is now claiming he is a female, saying that he lied about his sex because he was afraid of harassment.

The Dumbles begin

Je came into this word as a failed abortion by his fucktarded mother. That day is still regarded as one that will live in infamy. Je lived a relatively normal existence as a retard until one fateful day. At age fifteen, Je had once again pooped his diaper. When he went to his mom to get her to wipe his ass he was horrified. Je had walked when his father was fucking his mom's brains out, deep dicking her during Nazi roleplay with his throbbing, veiny, marvelous schlong. The event was so traumatizing that Je ran away from home and made up a subconscious story that his mom was beheaded by Neo-Nazis to ease the pain . Luckily Je found solace from an Islamic Imam who gladly molested him on weekdays.

This is what passes for art in his gallery. Let the faggotry ooze through you.
This was in his gallery of art. Well said

Then young Je discovered the interwebs and DevianTART. Naturally like every other retard on the planet he thought his opinion was the word of gawd!! Je's dumble beginnings on DA include posting shitty pics of his car he modded in an attempt to be the biggest wigger and posting a fuckton of pictures of techni-color ponies to an almost unsettling point. Je had accomplished the possible and outdid furfags and bronies in pure, undiluted, industrial-grade faggotry. Je took his obsession with those cunting techni-color things to new levels. Be prepared to see Godwin examples where he pins the following on bronies:

  • Nazism
  • Rape
  • Pedophilia
  • Conservatism
  • Government
  • Genocide

Rightfully so, the internet did not even have him as a blip on its radar. It would seem the human race would not have to suffer at large from Je. However then came the turning point.

Claiming the Title of Edge Lord.

It would seem that Je was not just satisfied with this humble life, however. Je had bigger, better, more retarded fantasies for the future. He longed for fame garnering more than that of just posting autistic My Little Pony shit. Je then found his calling: He would become THE EDGE LORD! Je overnight became a noble hero: an anti-fascist fighting agaisnt the far right. The only problem is EVERYONE is considered far right to him. Everything. Even mild Conservatism and the religion of Christianity. Naturally in addition to this, Je fought back against the Nazis in the only logical fashion: by attacking Jew central! And that's not all! As if to prove he could take dumbfuckery to the next level he escalated his anti-fascist stance by claiming solidarity with Hamas! That's right folks! To fight against the far right he sided with the most extreme element of the far right, at least in shithole Palestine.

Je has harmed numerous victims in his quest for edge lord.

This of course was noticed by anyone on Dart who had more then two functioning neurons and they proceeded to take him to task on his retarded stance. In typical, hormonal teenage fashion he had several temper tantrums, meltdowns, and chimpouts preceeded by baaaaaaaaaaawlking said users who contradicted him faster than Tom Preston ever could.

Je with bring that block hammer faster then Preston could ever hope.

So what's a butthurt faggot to do when he can't take an opinion? Why join a debate group of course! Je decided it would be in his best interest to join a group called Controversy Inc. A group where all the politcal tartlets go to bitch about stuff nobody cares about. In not one, not two, but in three (3) fucking instances he was nearly kicked out of the group for censoring others who contradicted him. Also if you are brave enough to take the plunge and visit his DA page note the anti-censorship stamp he has. Je of course was forced to stop hiding comments and actually debate with his accusers. This of course led to him shouting rather loudly you are NEVER EVER to question him much like Ayn Rand did.

Jejeje's Quest Against Nazis

Among Je's myriad noble tasks was his quest to purge DA of all Nazis. Naturally, by Nazis he means anyone he doesn't like. To do this, he first struck a blow at Nazis by attacking their victims at Jew central. As mentioned above Je is an anti-fascist... who decided to side with actual fascists. Srsly, you can see for yourself here! It wasn't long before the Zionists and their lackeys showed up and horrified Jeje with their oldest weapons: facts!!!! Je couldn't stand these little things called facts. To do away with them he found a special little something called the block button and hide comment. With it those who showed him up magically went away and Je could go back to his metaphorical masturbation session with his followers of two.

Below his Je going to a joy ride with his heroes in Gaza.
Je feels solidarity with Hamas since they both fire off butthurt rocketz after being pwned which leads to more lulz.

In typical leftard fashion JE baaaaaaawls for baaaaaaaawwwza every time Israel pwns Gaza and Hamas sends more butthurt rockets at the infidels which in turn leads to Israel pwning Hamas more. For a TL;DR here are several easy steps to fuck with him.

Da Epic Baaaaaawling

Jejeje then took it upon himself to try and kick several DA user of of Dart. Like all things he attempts, it didn't work out and he got easily butthurt. For instance, je took it upon himself to defend Musfags where ever they appear. To do this Jejeje with all his edginess demonstrated his excellent debate techniques.

So he came dumbling and barging in about the lolcaust that Israel is committing and then tried to call out several who didn't believe the bullshit. This led to some great and many lulz where all came to take the piss out of Je and take turns on him behind the alley way. Here are some gems from the shit flame war:

The Flame War Begins About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

The Final Straw!!!!!!11111ONE11!!!!!!

After teh lulz had died down a bit, a final list of evidence that would finally condemn Je for the crimes of being a lonely sock-drawer faggot (in his grandmother's basement in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England) was presented to teh court of lulz. After a certain Furfag presented the prosecution with all the evidence needed to convict the accused versus a whopping zero pieces of evidence purporting innocence, Je decided to go out with an all-out ragequit!! In addition to providing concrete proof that Sootyjared, Gluehead and himself are all sock accounts, he used Sootyjared to claim personal insult from people addressing the points of 6panzer6maiden6!!! No, srsly! and for his lonesome phail trowbles Jejejeje even got doxxed showing the links between him and gluehead

The Alt Accounts

For some reason Jejeje has a bad habit of making alt accounts and then trying to spam people into submission with them. He mostly does this in a pathetic attempt to make it seem like he has friends or people like Antifa supporting him. What was really ironic is that he was posting on tartlett before the age of Trump, meaning that he prophesied for some what antifa was going to look like and it was just as bad then as it is now. His accounts are mostly easy to pick out, mostly since when he first started, people thought the Sooty account was his right off the bat. They share nearly all the same characteristics with sometimes only minor variants between them.

1. They are pro-EU despite also claiming to be antifa.

2. They think Assad works with Isis and thinks that a neo-con war against Russia and Assad would somehow hurt Isis.

3. This weird fetish for these oi, oi bands of the punk rock genre.

4. Claim to be a Satanist or atheist and while having anti-christian works will claim to be pro-Islam since they need protection or some shit.

5. They usually have the same photo-shopped style of art, usually either using Anarcho-Communist, Anti Christian, or Anti-American imagery.

6. Loves Jews but hates Israel, associating it with fascism.

7. Has the weird habit of claiming people he doesn't like Nazis don't read and die via PCP.

An Heroing Capers

Jejeje/sooty.gluehead/etc is not entirely without self-awareness however. On multiple times they have threatened to an hero themselves due to multiple reasons, either to admitting they do not have a life, or claiming that people cyber raping their ass makes them want to kill themselves. The only thing we can really say to this is DO IT FAGGOT. Sadly, despite the multiple instances over several years of him threatening to kill himself, the tard can't even do this right, always pussying out before swallowing those much needed cyanide pills. He has done this often either in debates or random journal posts. They also come off as ironic as they sometimes take place after Sooty thought he found an easy target to bully only for user to have more bite then they thought, causing them to whine they no want to an hero after being shown up. These happen with depressing frequency and frankly, we just want it to be an hero already.


Last Thursday Sooty actually confessed that he did in fact

A. Have multiple accounts.

B. Was using them.

C. Is a major faggot IRL that has no friends.

After relaizing his mistake he tried to bawlete the evidence left behind but not before snapshots were taken.

File:Sooty confess.png
Just like to his local imam Sooty confesses and like the Imam ended up getting raped when he confessed.

This has not deterred him, however, and incepted a new way of faggotry.

Not a Fag But Wants To Be One

One of the interesting things about the Sooty account in particular was that the gender and sexual orientation has changed multiple times throughout its course. Being male-female-male-female thus making people ponder what the actual fuck this thing is IRL. It claimed to have a GF which we all knew to be a lie and knew what he was really doing. Nonetheless, he still claimed that it was getting the pussy. Then around CURRENT YEAR when transtrending was becoming all the rage, Sooty started to claim it was actually trans, srsly. Thus now it could double oppression points for being transgender and a lesbian as it now claimed. However, Jejeje is retarded and despite being autistic (except the time he claimed it on his Maoist account) certainly acts like it and managed to offer his own asshole up to the raping which we dutifully administered.

His one and Only Love, his right hand

A year-old DA comment on Jejeje account's page has this little archived conversation between Sooty and Jejeje. In it, Sooty is freaking out that people on DA are rightly claiming that Sooty having a GF is faker then the Holocaust. In it, Sooty calls his fake GF Viki- keep this in mind as it will be important later. The user in question that called him out on it was Eldenianprince, some frog that was able to figure out that Sooty was living a lie using the great power of the evil white supremacist technology known as Google image search. Prince leaked this info to honorary Aryan 345rv5 which is what caused Sooty much butthurt. Then to make it even worse, instead of interacting with Prince and the honorary aryan on his Sooty or Jejeje account, he instead used his muslamic feminist account of gluehead being too much of a lazy nigger to log into the account that would make sense outing that one as an alt, thus Jejeje did in fact smash the myth on white supremacy, just not in the way they wanted. This is fine as they were going to get gassed anyway.

Now when the faggot was getting called out by Prince he went into panic mode and deleted fucking everything...or tried to. Prince took a screen shot of the image in question of his Girlfriend before he deleted it. You may notice something interesting

What was his GF and would later claim was himself later.

This image is the one currently being used as the profile ID on the Sooty account as the real Sooty after he already used numerous other stock photos of edgy punks and Antifa as his profile image. Unfortunately, this story does not hold up as he clearly claimed the girl here was his girlfriend. He gave her a name, and the gluehead account that also claimed to know Jejeje and Sooty IRL is defending that this girl is in fact Sooty's GF before it became Sooty after getting raped by this thread. It's but one sad, sad example of him vigorously and constantly lying about his identity and having friends.

Most would stop there, but not Jejeje. Once again the story took another turn. All of a sudden Jejeje came out and claimed that he was now dating Sooty. That's right. This entire big stink he made previously about Viki and how Sooty was worried he and his girlfriend were going to be attacked was suddenly thrown out the window in favor of making an even more unbelievable tale that they were dating and despite the multiple, serious holes and contradictions in his story still tries to deny it and attempts to hide evidence relating to it. The lying is distinctly pathological.

Worshiping Satan (But Not Really).

One of the numerous edgy things he does to make himself seem cooler is worship Satan or claim to. Why he didn't just go with atheism, we'll never know (jk we do, it's his autism. This autism becomes increasingly apparent the deeper down the rabbit hole we go.) In an archived thread he admits he blatantly hates Christianity and criticizes it, its god, and its followers, all of which he hates. However he claims to like Jews except the ones in Israel and one of the main points of autism brought up constantly is that he loves, worships, and sucks the dick of the most conservative, authoritarian, and reactionary Abrahamic faith of Islam. He goes so far as to claim that he lied about being an atheist in order to piss off Christians, when logically claiming that a Satanist would piss them off even more, assuming they did not conclude he was one in the first place. Then in astounding bit of autism matched only by Lord Elthibar, he claimed that Muslims would be pretty swell and okay with him being an atheist and would even accept him. What makes this ironic is that he calls people Islamophobes for criticizing Islam, thinking Islam is violent, or for generally disliking it while he admits to having these same characteristics towards Christianity claiming that he fears they will burn him at the stake without realizing that'd be doing humanity a favor and fixing a past mistake. Also, that Christianity has not reformed and only gotten better at hiding its crimes. Mind you, this was during the time where the Durka Durkas were culturally enriching all of fucking Europe.

Despite him holding rather paranoid and extreme views on Christianity, if anyone is ever so slightly critical of Islam, he'll rush in and accuse you of basically being the next Hitler who will gas every single Muslim without realizing that by this logic they'd be doing the world a favor and ironically doing most of what he advocates for such as purging conservatives. He is also too brain-scarred to realize that Judaism and Islam worship the same god as the Christians and the devil appears as the villain in all three of them. His very faith is Islamophobic since Satan is the primary antagonist toward the god of Islam.

He makes it abundantly clear what his views and thoughts toward it are and sometimes they emerge in an unconditionally cringey manner. An example would be the gluehead account he opened up where he claimed to be a lesbian Muslim feminist and on that very same account decided to make another edgy anti-Christian post. The problem isn't so much that people care he makes fun of people who worships a dead Jew on a stick. It is more or less the glaring contradiction he autistically spazzes out on about no gods and no masters but then goes to extreme lengths to worship this one particular religion which happens to be one of the most reactionary. Another bit of irony is that about half the Muslim population in the UK wants homosexuality to be criminalized. For this we blame him for too.

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