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Jennichelle aka Auracle aka Jennifer Michelle Sikes is a fat slut attention whore who claims herself to be the queen of World of Warcraft forum trolls. She twice threatened to quit WoW forever after being harassed in game.

Her troll style is quite unique in that it involves spamming "/lick" in any irrelevant post thereby hijacking it for evil. Using an ingenious network of sock puppets she is able to exert her superiority over the forums. As the weeks wore on she began to crack and her weaknesses started to show. She started to become offended by "cancer and abortions are funny" jokes.

dox drop mayhem

Originally she thought that she was anonymous and therefore invincible but that was soon to change. Along came Snorkle, defender of all that is good and Aryan. Within a day her dox along with a google map of her house showed up on wowwiki, posted by some anonymous person. The news spread to IRC which was then relayed back to her but she had no idea what was coming.

The next morning the flood of calls from random IRC people began and she became frantic. Snorkle called up and left a voice mail pretending to be wowwiki and wait a few hours before posting on the forums. The post was a simple bananaphone directed at her but she flipped out threatening legal action, claiming the FBI was at her house, and cut and pasted a bunch of stalking laws from google.

- Snorkle
Topic: @Jennichelle / Auracle RING RING


- Jennichelle
Re: @Jennichelle / Auracle RING RING

 WoWWiki contacted me, as did several other people who saw what you posted.

I have contacted my attorney as well as Blizzard representatives.
Your messages have been recorded and phone records are being subpoenaed.

The FBI has already been over here this morning to look at the evidence.

The wowwiki troll bait had been taken and it was time to ruin the bitch once and for all. Quickly, the mp3 of the voicemail was dropped and everyone laughed at the queen of forum trolls falling for such obvious bait. She screamed "HALP MODS!" and the mods showed up and banned everyone.

Jennichelle left with her internet wow boyfriend Rounder to a new server to get away from Snorkle. Comedy ensued on the forums when it was discovered they told people they left because they feared for their internet safety from the dangerous Snorkle. Snorkle then proclaimed victory.

Notable quotes from the threads

  • I wish my life was so sad and pathetic I had nothing better to do then track down people from a game that I play and harass them. The rest of you that think any of this is funny are not far behind him in worthlessness.
  • You don't have to subpoena your own phone records although it did sound very law and order like. No way you can get anyone elses records for months down the road and incurring alot of legal expenses going after someone who probably is insolvent anyway. =P
  • I laughed so #!*%ing hard.
  • Are you going to leave the server again?
  • I'm calling your bluff. Truly you are not offended and feel threatened somehow by being invaded in your private life. Afraid of what people might find? That you are not the person you present on the forums?
Tiny redneck town in Texas

External Links

WoWwiki page about her BALEETED!

Fake WoWwiki voicemail

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