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A jerk test.
Response to being called a jerk.

A complete asshat, sometimes referred to as a Fuckhead or Shithead. Generally used in flame wars by children who have not yet learned to spell fucktard or haven't learned how to unlock the parental controls on their mommy's computer..

Using Jerk In Conversation

  • "Some people are so smitten with Google, that they actually make their own Google commercials. Funny, yes. But also pathetic. Jerks."
  • "I'm most definitely a jerk, obnoxious, condescending, annoying, foul-mouthed and disgustingly good-looking."
  • Amazon Product Review: "Any scenes aren't trying to be teen agers your a moron! they aren't trying to be anything! THEY ARE DOLLS! your so freaking gay! Do you know what a jerk you are why don't you go jump of a cliff ok?"
  • Advice For Young Scientists: "For each extra minute your talk runs over, 10% more of the audience will decide you are a jerk and start fantasizing about you falling down a trap door."
  • Replying to a Business Jerk: "Stop selling crap on the internet that nobody wants. You are killing the web and all the goodness it brings to people. Stop it. Stop it now. You think you are so smart and clever trying to post your precious crappy site URLs all over other people’s property. You are a jerk. A grade A-butthole. Stop it Stop killing the web, you web killer. Murderer!!!!!"
  • A Physicist's Analysis: "You get through life much easier if you refrain from being a jerk. If all it takes is some jerk being verbally abusive to turn you into a jerk, than that really shows how shallow you are. It shows that you really were a jerk just under the surface."


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