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JesuOtaku has gotten a reputation defender/fucked an employee at Google and has her searches locked down to anything positive and beneficial to her reputation!! Spread this article to all of your friends and spam links the fuck everywhere!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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A face even a hillbilly mother wouldn't love.

Jesuotaku, Jacob Hope Chapman, or for more poetic irony lulz Hope "Harry" Chapman is an ugly post op woman to boy tranny due to the operation having been botched in her tweener years and post E-famous whore now going Hollywood level infamous. Long time a Reject Weeaboo, Jesu has long gone under the radar due to being a That Guy with The Glasses hack contributor of poorly acted half assed reviewing and criterion analysis of the Japanese animation medium of Anime, because well, as if Americans have the same culture as that of a country kilometers the fuck away and across the sea, and generally coming across as a semi decent, if not somewhat annoying and mild self warranted asshead who shows her Basement U major in Assuming Things and Themes in Anime with Ignorance Out of Her Basement For E Fame. Through her accolades of dumbfuckery, and gallons of cum, she has made her way to become the Associate Editor with her Executive Editor husband Zac Bertschy of the anime news world site Anime News Network.

However, recent tabloid shit and gossip turned truth reveals an uglier and much more severe revelation about her: She is actually way more harmful, malignant, backstabbing, deceiving, and outright evil than anyone could have perceived and diagnosed with GOTIS. You may ask us, "WELL ED YOU FAGS IF SHE WAS THAT BAD YOU WOULD HAVE SNIFFED IT OUT EARLIER YOU FUCKS"- If she was really that good of a vile trashy yet elite masquerading Whore of Babylon, we wouldn't have found her out now, would we?

Personality and Background Information


JesuOtaku is very much a selfish ratty and malicious bitch who will likely kill you for your monies, and if it will benefit her. Do not be fooled by her geek girl appearance, weeaboo niche interests and tomboy youthful attitude- As a psychopathic post op transvestite she bears a stiletto hidden in an elastic dildo made from her old gender cock that she still keeps hidden up her asshole, and will likely shank the fuck out of your spine if you turn your fucking back. Though as shitty as a host and live actor she is, she's very good at pulling heartstrings and turning faces in real life. Do not be fucking fooled by this wretch- WE REPEAT, DO NOT GET FUCKING FOOLED BY THIS FUCKING WRETCH.



Stint with Desu Squared

The DesuDes Brigade was Jesu's major breakthrough as an "anime reviewer". However, despite her humble beginnings and that the site was overall (minus her) decently anime fanny, including a hot go go call girl esque fox girl clit and her bunny girl friend (hey, if she's only fuzzy at her ears and vag, wears white go go boots and names herself vixen, we'd take her on a nice night out lathe her in admiration and hit it), Jesu decided to take her talents to That Guy With The Glasses sometime later. Despite what her former friends at the former DesuDes Brigade might know, Jesu was really a backstabbing heartless bitch when this happened. You guys should look into Doug Walker's closet and the office of Mike Micheaud. That will tell a lot.

On the contrary to any of the DesuDes Brigade's work, Jesu's stuff was rather shitty. Her Basement U major clearly manifested itself into her work; in addition to being a double standard waiving slut and a self serving favoritism lathing annoying fuckwaffle, you could clearly see also her personality manifesting as the host of the show. In the world of the Bitch Goddess run cosmology of showbiz, a major rule of playing host is that you either put on an act or you are to act like a decent human being if your name is put out there, even on talk shows. Like Spoony however, Jesu up and acted like as if she lived in Japan, knew all about its culture, and mouthed her gums and flapped them as if they were infested by anything that lurked in a septic tank in futile attempts to get that shit off (it never did). Pretending to know Japan through Anime is what they do best at Basement U, and we'll advise as if it hasn't been before- BASEMENT U FUCKIN SUCKS A DICK

TGWTG and her Hitch with Nash Bozard

Well, nothing that we haven't said hasn't been said before above, but still

TGWTG was her breakthrough to E Fame as you can see (fuck forgot using him, forgot she was a transvestite). Hope's work portrayed soon expanded more with local hambeast and similar faggotry engaged faggot Benette The Sage (cause his shit gets SAGE'D all the time amririte fuck year i'm a riot). Their little schtick was that they were "polar opposites" to one another; him liking manly men animu (lol gaey) while she was the kind for Shoujo and females centered animu, and that they both fought like the self centered interest driven weebs they were (It's no wonder why weebs of this caliber can't get any, they're so fuckin petty and far removed from any human sembalance that they act like total fuckin shitcreatures that spawned from your toilet and hence why they are so ronrey). She also engaged in the butchering of the Drama CD recordings of show Fruits Basket by hosting dubbers across the net at her selection, with her as the lead role (obvious you belong on DA for that shit lol), because even she felt that Japan didn't suck her bladed dildo enough.

So amongst her shitty "work" and otaku parading shit throwing, she soon fell in love with host of What The Fuck Is Wrong With You and Radio Dead Air live radio show host Nash Bozard around 2011. Hell, it wasn't so surprising that they got together; sarcastic, hopeless, douchebaggy nerds that poke fun at people miles away like the faggot spawncamper sniper on Counterstrike because they don't know how to properly raid and tell people off in person? It's like they're a match made in heaven! (The one with the penis demon, that one. The one named Mara. YEAH THAT ONE YOU IGNORANT FUCKMOUTH SHITMONGERL)

Well, it wasn't that amazing. They had a long distance relationship, which meant hours long drives across america and pumping gas into your car in this 5 dollar a gallon economy. Still, Nash was pleasured, so was Harry. TONS of their shitminded fans ate this up, and it was beautiful. It began to blossom further as they also featured in shitty obvious hotel room recorded (wut too cheap to rent out a meeting room yeah i went dere fags suck it) and proceeded to make fun of Japanese people. OHHOHOHO WHAT A BUNCH OF UNCIVILIZED DIRTY NON WHITE FAGS AMIRITE

Getting her Seven Inches In

Of course, around early 2013, signs began to show that Hope didn't really give a fuck about Nash. Sure, her pussy was pleased at his greasy sweaty cock and manly Swamp Thing Cajun styled badass hair watnots, but she desired more. She realized at that point, being an anime fan wasn't enough. She knew she couldn't draw, write, direct, have any talent what so ever, except for bitching away and - Holy shit we're onto something here

So Hope decided enough was enough, and realized that she was getting older, and that her gaping void of being anyone respected and appreciated was going the fuck away because she was busy catering to likeminded dumbfuckers on the internet and gaining the ire of anyone with half a brain to notice that she was a spoiled immature and tasteless whore, even by her old Brigade. So, like J.C. Knight and her amazing spirit of Ramtha, Hope went down to two places: ANN Headquarters and Western Kentucky University.

Because she was "great" at "anime reviewing", Hope applied and went in for an interview. However, in a fleeting moment, like the animu she been in, she saw the prettiest, snarkiest, atrocious and douchiest fucker there to ever meet his standards: Zac Bertschy. Soon coming to learn that he was the Executive Editor (meaning that he gets to check out ANYTHING that goes out and that he mercilessly edits it at his regard), Hope met up with him, closed the door, locked it, and proceeded to give him 50 kinds of fellatio and oral sex. They fouled up the conference room, having even gone into watersports and enemas but Zac with his almighty powers said fuck it and blamed it on Child Pornographers and moe anime fans with a fifty page article and forum lurker gathering campaign.

Next off, she was to Western Kentucky University, near where she was born and raised. No, Colonel Sanders DOESN'T teach Finger Lickin Chicken 101 there he's been dead for 35 FUCKIN YEARS SHOW FUCKING RESPECT YOU FUCKS anyways Harry actually discovered that Dumbeldore was teaching there and that they also had programs in broadcasting and TV programming. However, Harry was high off her ass on LSD and Meth after going back to her local crackhouse when she wasn't going to watch anime needlessly in her high school days. Not realizing that she publicly jerked off the Dean and somehow threatened to expose the incident (we presume that she attempted to broadcast this live but only got the local TV news crew), he granted her free tuition to Western Kentucky U. What's that? Oh yeah, Colonel Sanders says FUCK YOU Hope "Assless" Chapman. He also said EAT A DICK

2013 and 2014 is where the shit hits the fan in a beautiful, slow motion, artsy fashion on EVERYONE except her and Zac. Around late 2013, Jesu openly expressed her disdain and open, elite, well based hatred of her fans, especially when she denounced anything animu styled like Korra and RWBY and made overseas by them filthy culture butchering gaijin piggus (Hey bitch, do you like chocolate? This humble pie has plenty of it made from your own shit, because it appears you love ironic hypocrisy). After realizing the shitstorm she unbelievably made, she ran off with her male side in check to Reddit and proceeded to make fun of her own host site and her fandom as if Reddit was 4chan. lawl

Getting hired at Anime News Network

Simply for riding Zac Bertschy's microphallus, JesuOtaku was immediately promoted to Associate Editor of Anime News Network above all the other longtime veterans of the site that had the good sense to stay away from Zac's sack. Many ANN vets like the unfortunately named Bamboo Dong wisely jumped ship at this time.

Ripping off Maniac Mansion? On our Kickstarter? It's more likely than you think

oi wots dis

dis fuckin wanka es makin a shitey gaem un rippin off Sierra classik Maniac Mansion

an usin Kickstarta te fund huer project


wut a scamma

wut a cunt

rancid lil' bitty


It appears we were right.

Visit him and congratulation him truly embracing his own gender!

HAHAHA. Zac got engaged to a guy. Hahahaha!

Shitlist Hit Bitch Explanation

Jesu isn't just some whiny primlipped attention whore who turns the dick up to 11 for geek girl fetishists- She is a very, very vile and shitfilthy whore who deliberately stole away a townhouse that her ex-boyfriend owned while she was fucking Zac Bertschy and ran away with him. In addition to her know nothing, ignorance derived and inane geek level dumbfuckery (as if any gender is immune to that), she is a narcissistic, and extremely greedy ratso cunt who hides a very dangerous backstabbing and corpse climbing narcissistic personality disorder that runs on serial criminal-esque proportions of what the fuck levels of criminally insane. We're serious with the her stealing a townhouse that her boyfriend owned bit, and there's no telling what she will do to keep her class standing, even murder. Other than porn. We're fine with that.


  • For:
    • A bucket of fecal matter and wet trash to be dumped on her head, press 57:57
    • To learn that she was willing to take advantage of a coworker's abusive conditions under management for her own advantage, press 1:01:50
    • To know that she was cheating on her ex boyfriend and stole a townhouse with her new boytoy, press 1:03:04
    • For a direct quote of Jesu's describing her as a sycophantic cocksucking working stiff who will fuck her way up the ladder, press 1:03:24



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