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It is common knowledge that Jet Sucks.
Lol this loser thinks hes Industrial
We will never be like myspace!
Not to be confused with airplane

Jethrow "Jay-Jay the Jet Plane" Tull or - Afro, as he is known to others, is the 31 year old cybergoth midget webmaster of He recently moved himself, his wife HUSBAND, and his mutated offspring to his parents basement Croatia. He normally tries to compensate his mundane existance by being an internet tough guy, however studies have shown he is nothing more than a pussy-whipped mallgoth. He would rather spend his day on the internet socializing with teenagers than going out and getting a real job, or partaking in other day to day social interactions.

Jet is an awesome DJ!

Jet fapped to this

Jet started the goth website Vampirefreaks as a means of getting pictures of loli goth to fulfill his monstrous sexual appetite. Jet is of Arab descent, but tries to hide it under layers of mascara and a thin layer of dried cum. Jet frequently mentions his 1337 programming skills on the front page of the site, failing to see the intrinsic lulz in the fact that VF is down more often than MySpace (which all VF members must hate or risk being b&).

The Lawls Within VF

As it is known to some of the more involved members of VF, Jet frequently starts flamewars with other sites, making profiles and starting shit just to piss people off. When they inevitably fight back, and do the same to him, it's clear that Jet cannot handle it and ends up banning them from his site (which is paid for by its members). Though this is common pratice, the drama caused by this is far more delicious due to it coming from angsty fat GOFIK GIRLZ

Whenever there is something going on with another site which becomes public knowledge, instead of encouraging people to ignore it, as a normal webmaster would, Jet laughs at the other site and does nothing to discourage people from invading said site, thus making the other site's allegations about VF members true. Of course, nobody sees this, as they are too far up Jet's ass, or too deeply involved in themselves to even care.

Jet likes to create drama and encourage drama on his site

Epic Own

It is also common knowledge that Jet had (underage) girls from his cult do sexual things on webcam to get promoted and featured member.

- As fail as VF is, especially after the deletion of Sex Cult (thanks guys) it has to be mentioned that the above comment obviously came from Ryle

- To protect the innocent, no names will be mentioned, but it can be confirmed that jet has had "cam shows" from girls well under the age of 14. This being before the site introduced profiles, but it would not be surprising to find out it has happened after as well.

Contacting Jet

  • Jet - Jet's personal vf page
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