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Jew Watch

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That's right, Santa Claus hates Jews too.
Revisionist Zionists would have you believe that this is the only Jew Watch.
Judging by the unholy clusterfuck of links that comprise his site, he's also the master of Web 1.0


Jew Watch is an archive of TRUTH run by Frank Weltner, a brave man who simply wants to spread the truth. Jew Watch has factual evidence of thousands of atrocities committed by filthy kikes, past and present, and naturally, this pisses off the Jews to no end.


The Website

Jews, as we all know, have total control over almost all the information in the world. They want John Q. Public to believe that Jews are honest, nice, hardworking people who are wrongfully persecuted, and anyone who says otherwise is a rabid Neo-Nazi scumbag who deserves to die. In an act of rebellion against the Zionist control of information, Frank Weltner, who can suck a fuck, decided that he wanted to change all of this and expose the ignorant public to the things the Jews don't want them to know about... such as the fact that Jews have no penises.

The Google Incident

Jew Watch grew in popularity, and one day, Steven Weinstock discovered that when he typed "Jew" into Google, the first website to appear was Jew Watch. Steven flew into a violent rage and desperately tried to get Jew Watch shut down, as well as petitioned Google to reduce the site's ranking, even though Google constantly and consistently explained that pages are ranked automatically based on view counts. Over 100,000 intelligent people signed Weinstock's petition, though it did nothing but create more publicity for Jew Watch and make Weinstock look like a hero.


The Jews on Wikipedia have labeled Jew Watch as a Neo-Nazi hate site, filled the article with all sorts of other lies and exaggerations, then locked the article; this makes for a fine example of Wikipedia's policy of "neutrality."

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