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Don't make the same mistake.
Never forget wut? That the Jews did WTC?
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The Jewish Internet Defense Force are a noble group of go-getters, whose righteous movement is rapidly growing in popularity. They promote jewish pride and are attempting to stop anti-semitism and cyber-terrorism on the internet. These silly Hebrews should lurk moar; if they did, they'd know this is never going to happen.

You can donate to their cause and further enable a fatty in his parent's basement to tweet about iPhones, terrible music and why Wikipedia sucks (PROTIP: hacking into admin accounts makes all wikipedos hate you).



Dammit, you really are.

Because the Jews were already being blamed responsible for WTC, Global Warming, Y2K and Lindsay Lohan, fears soon arose that people would discover that they're a bunch of filthy terrorists, so they created the JIDF YouTube profile to cover up the war in Gaza.

Lulz ensued as the Jews campaigned for videos they considered anti-Semitic (even documentaries) to be baleeted. Anonymous soon responded and an Anti-JIDF movement was initiated.

What started out as simple trolling quickly turned into a deletion rampage as these kikes hijacked Youtube and forced the admins to delete all anti-Jewish videos. At least 100 accounts were suspended, and they hope to have another 50 suspended. Truly, they are the kings of trolls.

Facebook Purge

Because erasing every "anti-Semitic" video from the face of the Earth wasn't good enough for them, the JIDF fags campaigned on Facebook to remove the Arabic infestation popularly known as Palestine from the internet.

When the admins at Facebook didn't delete the anti-Semites, the JIDF decided to hack their mainframe and create their own Internet Holocaust by banhammering over 100,000 accounts in matter of hours. Ironically, the JIDF made hypocrites of themselves by hacking, despite ostensibly being against "cyber-terrorism."

What smoking crater?

When the JIDF decided that Palestine no longer deserves to be a country, they actually attempted to delete towns that had been destroyed by Israel on Google Earth, attempts which were immediately reverted.

Wiki Trolling and Sextoy buyin

Prominent ranks in the force.
an ADF rat collaborating with the JIDF.

When not trying to score with Jewish internet fatty Debbie Schlussel, Archive today-ico.pnginternet tough guy David Appletree is engaged in a holy war with Wikipedo Admins over the TOW JIDF article.

After he initiated an edit war using more sockpuppets than this guy, wikipedo admins finally dropped the banhammer on David. As he was crying over being persecuted (with hilarious Godwin usernames like "WPYellowStars") on both Twitter and Wikipedia, the article was locked and David was banned.

However, this didn't stop him from coming in at the last minute to admit guilt in a half-assed way while also claiming fursecution.

After getting severely butthurt over ZOMG ANTISEMITISM11!!1, Appletree decided to piss off wikipedos and was permabanned for his efforts. Even Jimbo Wales cockblocked his attempts to score e-sympathy, though he can still be seen bawwwwing all over Twitter and [1] posting amusing intimations of lolsuits.

Appletree would later get associate KatWomanUSA to hack Weaponbb7's account and vandalize the JIDF page. Another JIDF sock Reported Weaponbb7 to the Administrators Board then sock controlled Weaponbb7 declared he hated Jews and they should burn. The real Weaponbb7 came crying to the board to complain someone had compromised his Amazon account too and had bought 300 dollars of Sextoys with it. People were like ZOMG ban all JIDF and Weaponbb7 evolved into a ResidentAnthropologist. Only people were like its not him its AppleTree then they were like no you guys are fucktard it is him. JIDF page on Wikipedia remains locked tight as a three year old's asshole because of JIDF socks.

Meet the real JIDF

David Appletree's secret identity revealed!

David Appletree is really David Brotsky, a Media Jew who worked for other Media Jews like Woody Allen and even has his own Media Jew business though one wonders where he finds the time since he spends all of his waking hours trolling and inciting the consumption of Palestinian blood. He lives with his parents Fred and Leslie

and you can send him fan-mail, thank you cards, and support for his crusade to balete everything at: David Brotsky, C/O His parents' basement, 6738 Saint Anne Street Dallas, TX 75240. Have you found something that David might want to accuse of antisemitism, such as Rick Astley or tubgirl (or, as they say in Nazi circles, tubFRAULEIN!!!) he must be told! [email protected] or [email protected] Email seems too new-fangled? Give him a call! 917 677 5172 Afraid to talk to such a famous person? Famous people still love pizza. And hookers!

Update 6/24/13: Brosky is being Archive today-ico.pnginvestigated by the FBI for libel and the hacking of, ironically, an Israeli journalist.

Average day in the life of the JIDF


Oy vey..

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